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Art exchange UI is not newbie friendly!

Hello IMC,
Many ingame pm and ask me how to exchange mystic page/unidentified tome to art. Most of them dont know to pick art from dropdown before put material in. So I suggest:

  1. Reverse the order, make the put material 1st them pick art (just like how to apply legend set)
  2. You imc make a clearer UI guide on Art section.
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also the drop down area is so small, having difficult time to check which is the correct tome.

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Agreed. I wish they make it similar to the crafting UI where all of the books are listed already instead of that useless drop down.

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Any way to atleast check what the arts are IN GAME?

It is so stupid to have so many ARTS to choose from and there is no description for them??

You can check in the skill window. Just click on the skill and it’ll show up in the lower left portion of the window if it has an art. I’m not sure how you check arts that aren’t skill-based though like cleric’s.

The only problem is the tiny drop down box. You have absolutely no idea there’s something to click there to select the tome you want to craft.