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ARK 'divine punishment' wraith of god effect has cooldown?

Can I spam it with my fast dot skill? :upside_down_face:

No, you can’t. Cuz when it triggers, it works for 10 seconds as a buff, but it will apply the next 3 skills damage. So, if you use your Fast Dot Skill (which I assume has low damage) you will toss away the Wrath effect. You must use the Wrath effect with your 3 most powerful skills (aka high SFR) or one that has high SFR + overhits.


ty for replied :smiley:
so that mean after 3 hits of buff done, it can be instantly get new buff from new first hit after that right?

“effect does not occur blablabla”
the 10 sec obviously is your cd which means in 1min you can trigger 5-6x wrath of god at best

check the wrath of god buff icon there, is it spammable or not?

Can someone enlighten me on what stats a level 6 Punishment Ark has? ingame the description is cut short >.<;;;

EDIT: was looking for this for an hour … and there it was in the patch notes … zzz

So from this level 6 only adds 2% more activation? kinda low though … i dunno if its worth it …

+2% every level ( so 4% if I go to level 6? )
+30% for level 3

All in 34% all … O.O

You will not be able to activate another Wraith while you have the effect up, that’s it. There is no cooldown to the activation of the effect.

After you finish all the 3 hits, your next attack can immediately proc another one.

You can continuously activate Divine Punishment right after cooldown/countdown, but you cannot reactivate it while it is active.

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As others have said, there is no cooldown, here is a quick video.

You can see based on the visual effect that it procs multiple times within 6 seconds:

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just dont use Bong as measurement for anything

i am confused

this statement is false then?
in 1 minute we can trigger more than 6x wrath of god, right?

Yes, in 1 tomahawk(with arts), you’ll see yourself triggering punishment more than 10x.

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so that mean this ark is better than ark thunder?
this ark can guarantee 3 hits after buffed
but that yellow ark need RNG every hit.

Generally yes, but it can depend on the build.

This was my damage on Rexipher in WBR:


And again on Nuaele:


Is it enough to just level it to 5? those arks i mean … only 2% activation addition …

Level 5 is reasonable.

Sounds like pretty OP to me if it always triggers after the 3 hit buffed hits…

Explains why it triggers so much wth

yeah i love seeing it rain with purple thunder XDD

Falconers Tomahawk with art + sapper broom trap + Arbalester spinny thingy skills XDD

What’s its disadvantage though? I mean each ark should have its own pros and cons right? I mean say if Thunder was mainly for single target, I thought Storm was for AoE. But it sounds like Divine could be a better option…?

If you can proc it many times the damage really stacks … ( though skill cool down plays a part if you can spam it XDD ) I tried thunder but i cant proc it as much as retribution …

I dunno why falconers tomahawk arts procs it .5 seconds continuosly … I mean .,… its only 5% damage of the original skill afterall … O.O