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ARK 'divine punishment' wraith of god effect has cooldown?

Do you mean it’s also for AoE but it procs more often, basically no downtime but low SFR?

You know what,bi I actually also questioned that tomahawk arts. It seems to me it also proc Storm a lot lot more than it should vs other skills. I think there must be a bug or something

A bleeding damage on monster can it make a Wrath of god buff active?
And bleeding damage can it EAT a 3hit Wrath of god buff?

I see the first print you have ataka as your top damage skill, what about the second print? which set effect are you using?

Had some experience with ataka, seems to me that Ataka itself can proc the Ark effect, not sure tho.

Assuming this is a reply to me:

I switched from Varna to Glacia with Balinta. :slight_smile:

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