Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


No, just classes/Jobs.
You pick a class, you get the full class, provided you level it up.
You only get a choice of 3 classes, +your base class.

THe only way it “exists” is in the Class Level, you unlock the “Circle” at certain class levels.
1 for starter skills, 16 mid skills and 31 for your last tier of skills.


Assuming someone would want to use only a Demon Lord Card as their main Grimoire card, which would be the best to go with?
For example, there’s a slightly increased aoe size on Legendary Cards, does any summon benefit from this more?

Also any opinions on Demon Lord Nueale card. (Now that attacks have been added to it?)


thank you,i have a last question:how do i get monster cards( only necronomicon not the one for sorc ) for shoggoth in early game? missions? farming areas?


The cheapest card for shogoth is 330 dun boss card 50k on market.