Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


Kundela slash is fine as long as you land 2 debuffs, you only really need curse for bosses and that’s what bone pointing can do. Kurdaitcha will become an aoe DoT too so you still get some AoE compensation out of it. Bone pointing will also have better uptime since they raised its duration (assuming they keep the cd the same). No idea if it will hit in an aoe since they added aoe ratio, if it does then that makes it really good for applying curse, in addition to properly doing damage.

I will probably change my build to FF-Sorc-Necro when this patch hits, assuming I’m still playing by that time. I will at least update the guide though.


well RIP my fire base summon build pyro, onmoyji and necro
overall a good change on necro have a synergy with other [dark] summon classes now

too bad not enough points to put in summon familiar

for fire build that utilize firefox summon i was thinking probably pyro, onmoyji, elementalist and you could probably add/buy homunculus on this which can cast stone curse in every 20sec if it is the only skill in homunculus skill bar =) where if i am not mistaken the stone curse increase damage to fire type damage


tos.neet is back so use it to search for demon type bosses and look up the attack type, attribute and SFR of their skills. (check the ones with pc_summon on its class name among the search results)

For example:
Here you can see that Marnox has physical strike type A and S attacks, while its D skill is magic fire type.

Take note that attack CD does not take into account animation. Ignas with 1s cd on its auto attack for example still takes awhile to wind up and shoot giving it roughly 1 attack every 2 seconds. Also of note with Ignas is that its attacks are apparently physical-dark, letting the bonuses of hex and corruption affect it.

I’ve added this info into the main post as well, the next time I update it will be when the skeleton mage tweak patch hits, and again when the corruption, featherfoot and bokor rebalance patch hits.


For the SFR, it is the % per hit right? Is there any way to know how many hits it does to know the total damage or we just have to estimate and guess by ourselves in videos.


I think it’s per hit. As for knowing how many hits then yeah you need to test or look at videos and try to guess. It’s pretty much the same issue with any other class skill tbh. ToS is all about vague tooltips, hidden start-up/cooldown animations and questionable hitboxes.


First need to make sure if that FF attribute affect summon.

Like Sage slow attribute, FF shadow attribute prolly exclude summon too.

Have you tested Sage, if the Slow +30% damage apply to all skill or just exclusive to Sage?
1 day ago

Ludo Game
kdahzzz Sage attribute for bonus damage vs Slow applies to all your own skills of all your classes, and excludes summons.
Chrono onmyo sage is a rising AoE slow build, though I think the damage is still too low.


I have some questions regarding Bokor and its attributes

  • So I tried adding the Wheelchair Zombie attribute but only up to level 10 just to try it out. However, it seems like it always summons Wheelchair zombies even though it is suppose to be just 10%?
  • When using Damballa, there is an attribute that increases the chances of new zombie emerging by 2% per attribute which is 10% at max. But it always seem to almost always spawn zombies when I use it. Not sure how many zombies exploded and spawn but it does always seem to spawn zombies?


Hello what about omn-sorc-pyro/ff?
It should have good aoe but idk if it will be too bad for bossing.
i used to play omn-sorc before rebuild and liked it but idk what to do with my sorc now.


As a Summoner Lover i’m loving this thread. So many useful info , thanks for sharing :slight_smile: I currently using the full summoner build with my army of brave minions ready to do everything to protect me ^^ my primary Summon is demon frost lord atm i think he is pretty good at everything Bossing riding and mobbing , i do think that he is actually a lot better than marnox.
But As summoner we should be able to command our pets to attack from a far distance … it’s really annoying that we have to be close to the Boss for our pets to attack .
Also pet coming back to you when you are pushed back by Boss is pretty annoying.
i hope that IMC in a futur patch will change that.


Hello, I’m completely new to TOS and I really want to make a summoner character. Which class should I start out with to level quickly? FYI I’m definitely a filthy casual that enjoys questing.


As far as summoners go Necro and Bokor are usable early game. You’ll need a card for Necro’s Shoggoth though. Sorcerer needs a card so you can take it last or play around with other builds or characters first until you’re able to use the market.

There’s a leveling guide too if you ever feel stuck, but if you can enjoy questing you should be fine.


HI,iam new to this game and i just did my first class up from wiz circle 1 to bokor c1,which circles and builds should i use to full summon build? (possibly with exploding zombos)insert circles pliz.


Check the first (full summoner) and third (more bokor focused) build in the build templates section. Click on the build to go to the class simulator with the suggested skill allocation.


The Today Patch is so good for us summoner , with the new window letting us know how many Skeletons and Zombies are out !! :heart:


The new update broke the addon I used for that…

RIP Summon Counter.


well, i was thinking about just getting the second rank for shamballa,so the first build is perfect,but since i am a new player and i dont like the mechanic of the grimoir of the sorcerer i was wondering if i could swap sorcerer with something else,like warlock or shadowmancer, or is sorcerer the only option?( i also know that good enough cards for sorcerer require lots of time to be obtained )


It’s fine to swap out Sorcerer if you want to, Warlock and SM are a bit weak in the current meta though. Featherfoot is a good option too, and even Pyromancer would work well.

In a future patch though the Featherfoot-Bokor-Necro build will get buffed a lot so you can try learning it early if you want.


thank you,but i didnt understand the circle sistem fo the builds: shamballa is a circle 3 skill,right? so why is the rank only two? and do i have to get the classes of those builds in the specified order?


That was the old system, now you choose 3 Classes + your base class.
To get Damballa you just need to reach class level 31 on Bokor.


so circles dont exist anymore?