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Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


Riteris might have the same problem, I tried Chapparition a bit more and it’s pretty well balanced with a good attack and riding skills with relatively low cooldown.



It’s me or since last patch when using ridding “stuck” bug happen a lot often?
In the past I could cancel it most of the time by jumping/moving but today I died twice because of it, is there good way to deal with it (apart from relog?).



hasn’t happened to me much today, it usually happens when you ride while the summon is in the middle of an animation. I usually get it fixed by sending out a normal attack



Hello !

Necro - Shadow - X what are you this build ?



Necro and Shadow don’t have any direct synergies. Bokor boosts the damage of both these classes with hexing, Sorcerer will boost the damage and survivability of necro summons and provide a large summon that can hit both the infernal shadow and the boss and add flexibility to your skill rotation with riding. I’m thinking pyro might work too as a 3rd class for fire damage and AoE to round out what your char can do.



Because I’m currently using Froster Lord on my pure summon build, but I’m thinking of making another build with Sorcerer, preferable with Featherfoot since I don’t have one. I kinda want to revolve it around a “vampire” or “blood sucking” kind of theme with it that’s why I chose Mirtis because it gives me a bit of that feel. Also, kinda want to play another summon card, so I’m trying to find a unique card that fits the theme and is also good enough. Some sort of “vampire” or some dark magic/blood kind of theme.

I’m thinking of going Sorcerer - Featherfoot - ??? what do you think would be a good fit? I already have 2 builds with Bokor and my summon build already have a Necro so if possible I would like to try something else. All my other wizards are spell casting wizards.

Also just a side question, does Marnox and Frosterlord have “Fire” and “Ice” type skills respectively? More importantly, do they have their skills boosted by “Tri Disaster Charm” of Taoist. This is because I came across this post in reddit (someone actually linked your guide in the comments props to you) so I just want to clarify if those statements in the main post are true.

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I believe Marnox’ “D” skill is indeed fire, but on the other hand Froster Lord’s skills and attacks are non-elemental from what I know. These were their listed attack skill elements from the old database tos.neet (RIP), unfortunately doesn’t have as much information regarding monsters/bosses. There’s a possibility this has changed, since they did change up skill factors and also added freeze to Froster Lord’s D skill so personal testing is required.

For Sorc-FF you could pick a class that helps debuff enemies to ensure that Kundela Slash will always deal 2 hits. As far as debuffs goes Sorc only helps with Desmodus and it doesn’t really have a big AoE nor is it spammable against multiple mobs (decent uptime against bosses though). I really think either Bokor or Necro would fit the 3rd slot best since as mentioned, Sorc goes best with another summoner class and they also have nice passive debuffs and such. If I had to pick though I would probably go for Cryo, Pyro or Taoist as the 3rd class as these are the more stand-alone ones that have access to some debuffs.

Thanks for reading and thanks for the heads up on the reddit links btw. I just hope all the information I’ve written down are accurate and I don’t accidentally screw up someone’s build lol.

EDIT: Frosterlord still non-elemental magic so no synergy with taoist unfortunately. Taoist is still very strong on its own though so it’s not a bad class to pick.



The blue gems in the shield do not affect the summon, am I right?
And is there a difference in damage between the regular and the legendary version?



Blue gem on shield doesn’t seem to affect summon damage, but it will affect your spell damage. As for regular and legendary summons, I haven’t been able to test it personally since I don’t have legendary cards but earlier threads point towards there being no difference between them in damage, just appearance. It used to perform worse due to being much harder to 10* even, but right now I don’t think card level has significant impact on summon damage (if it even has any).



What about card slots, for green it will be 3x linkroller for 30 SPR?
but blue? purple? red? are there optimal picks?
Legendary is obvious Demon Lord Froster Lord…



I already wrote about it. Froster Lord legendary isnt really worth the investment imho, better spend the effort leveling a legendary card on something else.



Sorry, i skip the card part when i was reading for some reason…
questions about necro, what are the best card for shog damage? slot 2,3,4 still dead?

does Sp regeneration work on combat? there is a way no minimize Sorc Overwork drain?



Suggestions on how to make it easier to search for information in the post would be appreciated



Have no problem with Squire food (for 30 min reduce sp recovery delay) and same cat buff.

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I did not like the necromancer in this rebuild … I’m thinking of doing sorcerer>bokor>Warlock, what do you think?

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Go ahead, that build is going to be particularly strong at CM with invocation and Damballa. If you do the closed room ones at Spell Tome Town and Feline Post Town you can even just use Lavenzard to semi-perma knock down mobs making it capable of easy and fast solo runs. Hexing will of course make Warlock skills stronger too. The only downside is Bokor needing mobs to summon, and I personally haven’t used the class enough to have an opinion on capsule spawned zombies.

I think I could add this to the build template as a CM specialist, thanks lol.



Arise, server lag and channel crash!

Bringing a summon train anywhere with “many” people(20+) just destroys the server performance for everyone.

I hope people will just create summoner-builds as just for fun-sub characters so they don’t bring them to Demon Lord/Boruta hunting to lag the hell out of other people (FPS dropped from 25 to 0.5 as soon as two summoner trains[Bokor>Sorcerer>Necromancer] arrived at the scene) and/or intentionally provoke their clients to VGA because of FPS drop to 0 or crashing the channel in the process.



Oh so your current obsession is hating on summoners? You’re going around everywhere complaining about them, trying to drum up some sort of echo chamber but I guess no one’s paying attention so you came here. You should tone down your settings because you’re clearly playing beyond what your computer can handle but want to blame others for some reason. Try the add-on called warmode too, it’s very good and almost necessary if you want to do WB and Boruta with a potato.

If summoners cause as much lag as you claim then no one would be playing them for the very same reason. Just go back to your obsession with clerics and stop spreading misinformation, anything from Infernal Shadow to Inquisitor Wheel causes the same amount of lag summons do but simple minded people see the biggest thing on screen and blame it only on that.



got gangbanged by the undead?

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Frienomancers beg to differ