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Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


Bumping the thread because I’ve finally finished uploading the video for the All Sorcerer Summon Riding Showcase! The videos are only missing Ignas, I might add it in if I get one.

EDIT: Might change the recommended summons. Marnox, Netherbovine and Necroventer seems to have taken a hit on their damage output putting some other summons like Riteris, Zaura, Chapparition and Dullahan on level playing field. Although there’s the +25% bonus from slash to consider due to the enemies in Baubas.



yea i noticed that too lol, prison cutter looked like it was doing more damage than marnox, they both have the same 2 hit attack with the same CD, shame it has shitty skills though.



Changed the recommendations and just made it by attack type.

Templeshooter is not anymore missile type, Zaura and Succubus have a no-type physical attack. Apparently skeleton soldiers and archers are also no-type physical.



The sad thing is that some summons that could be viable are still having problem with “attacking air”, and I remember this problem with them from 2 years ago… Can’t say anything about damage compared to Marnox because I somehow still didn’t get him.
I’m curious about Ignas but it’s not like I will be able to afford it :stuck_out_tongue:



Can you tell if a build with pyro, necro, featherfoot is strong, like shadowmancer or warlock?



Pyro Necro FF should work, you’ll use fireball and kundela slash as your main damage skills while using flame ground and firepillar to apply debuffs along with the ones from necro. If you want to compare it with shadowmancer and warlock then I think it might even be better than those. I’m thinking that pyro-necro-taoist or pyro-necro-elementalist will be stronger though, because tbh FF is more of a survival and self-sustain class than a dps class now.

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I think you are right.



Hey, I’m currently using Froster Lord as my summon. How good or bad is Mirtis compared to Froster Lord. I like Froster Lord a lot the AOE is good and it freezes, but I really like the design of Mirtis summon.



Mirtis has a low cooldown lightning bolt skill that can get powerful if there’s only one target. Her other skill is similar to desmodus that also does quite a bit of damage. Her auto attacks deal 2 hits but aren’t very powerful, they do knockdown though so they’re good for late stage CM if you or your party is fine with mobs getting scattered so you could get some breathing space.

Overall though Froster Lord is the superior summon in both damage, range and skill cooldowns.



what do you think of Sorc-Omn-Tao? Also does this build benefit enough from rangovas? Does the sorc demon get knocked up/down/back?



No the sorc demon doesn’t get knocked around so you don’t really need it if you only get sorc. I don’t see much synergy in that build tbh, Aside from the class’ own skills, Taoist’s Tri Disaster charm will only affect firefox and water shikigami while storm calling won’t help anything from either sorc or onmyoji at all. You have plenty of skills to cast so Riding might be uncomfortable to use, and sorcerer’s desmodus will only buff the demon from summoning.

Gameplay wise though taoist is a strong boss killing class while onmyoji is a strong aoe class so you have both bases covered. Sorcerer will help a bit with SP regen for you and your party too but generally speaking these classes won’t interact with each other very well.

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You’ve put a lot of work into this thread, especially with the addition of all the card videos.

You didn’t list Gorkas on your list of summons, is he not as good anymore?
For someone who doesn’t ride his summons very often, which ones would you recommend? I already have Gorkas and Frosterlord.




Thank you for taking the time to read.

Yeah I don’t like Gorkas anymore because its damage used to be almost twice other summons’ to make up for the slow attack speed. For non-riding I’d suggest Shadowgaler for damage and Dullahan or Riteris for slightly better range. They both have a mini knockback too, but I think Dullahan has a larger attack range and better skills for mobs, while Riteris has better riding skills against bosses. Marnox and Temple Shooter are still decent auto attackers, with fairly balanced riding skills as well.

Frosterlord is also still very good as an auto attacker against bosses, but riding it every now and then can clear entire groups of mobs in one go so there’s no harm in just doing that instead of relying on an auto attacker. You also can’t really ride him for too long because he moves way too slow.

I forgot to add this in the first post but the targeting of summon attacks while riding was changed to be wherever you are facing now instead of auto targeting the nearest enemy which makes it a lot easier to aim riding skills.

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Now that marnox and co. got slight damage nerfs and other summons brought up to their levels, does this mean we can branch out from just marnox? And do other demons have damage types or are the rest of the ones you didnt mention non type?

EDIT: Is a lvl 10 Rafene the best card for the necronomicon? I see yours has 24k attack thats insane! I was under the assumption Kubas or Denoptic had his highest attack ups.

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I’ve started riding Frosterlord per your suggestion and I’m really liking his Skills 2 and 3 in CMs.

I think I’ll switch out Gorkas for Dullahan or Shadowgaler.

Thanks for the recommendations.

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Wanted to incorporate a build with either necro-ff or necro-shadowmancer, I saw your necro-ff-bokor build and it looks good but i was wondering if there is a shadowmancer variation, and which version would be better



The necronomicon stats have had no real impact even before Re:Build, I’m trying to test it again to confirm but I can’t see my summons since today’s patch for some reason.

Also regarding summons if you have time to watch the videos then you can compare the damage between the summons and see if there’s any to your liking. I did not use any modifiers or equipment swapping so their power levels should be standardized, except for the +25% slash damage for slash types due to the enemies in the area being mostly cloth. I already wrote down my personal recommendations but generally speaking yes you can start using other summons.

As far as damage type goes, I think only Succubus and Zaura are no-types. Nefritas Cliff is a good place to test for damage types since there are Banshees that are ghost, Hummingbirds and Green Puragi which are cloth, Brown Zigri which are leather and Deadborn Scap Magicians or Firents that are plate.

@theshadowjester for shadowmancer I’d go for sorcerer-bokor-shadowmancer probably. It’s easier to hit the Infernal shadow at the same time as the actual boss using a demon with its larger attacks and riding skills. The SP regen from servant buffs should also be useful. Bokor is what boosts dark damage so I’d choose that over Necromancer. Although I say this necromancer-bokor-shadow should be fine too, necro physical skeletons and shoggoth get boosted by hexing’s dark damage boost but they might lose damage if they only hit the infernal shadow instead of the boss.



To see summons tick: show other character’s effect and resummon then

I tried pyro>necro>sorc and I quite like it but I’m wondering how would a pyro>necro>ele be, the +30% from shoggoth would be even more useful there but you lose a lot leaving sorc, you’re basically a caster with some summons as plus :confused: do you think it would be washed to get a set of rangovas accessories just for necro?

Also, what is the aoe ratio of desmodis? Does it hit everything on its path?

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I think just the necklace is enough, though you’ll have to recast more often. Have to wait for the summon UI and cast speed improvements to play it better. The full set is better on sorc necro so that Salamion’s heat can guarantee summon survival until the summon duration ends.

I’m not sure about desmodus, it seems to have an aoe ratio cause I don’t hit everything in a line on CM.

Thanks for the visual glitch fix lol



I tried out Dullahan, but the AI on it is awful. Its basic attack has knockback, and the AI doesn’t adjust for when enemies get knocked back.

Most of the time, it just swings at the air and misses constantly.

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