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Arise, Summon Army! The Purple Class Codex


Thx :3, I think I’m going to use it for farm and solo cm



I’m surprised that this guide is not getting any hate because

  1. It features boker bokor
  2. Klaipeda


Well I did put my stance about macro in the anti-AFK timer portion, and I didn’t put how Bokors can bypass that in order to avoid promoting it.

Also that thread is only 20% constructive feedback about the current state of Bokor Zombies and 80% personal grudge and server drama just like this guy here spreading his personal hate about summoners.

EDIT: Also in Telsiai people don’t abuse Bokor summons like that, it’s really more of a community issue than actually being a relevant market or balance issue.



You can get rikaus cards (increases SP potions’ recovery by 1% per *)



Watched the summon showcase. Was impressed with dullahan, riteris, succubus(mob just stand still?), netherbovine mini knockback first skill. But I still think pyrogue the best crowd control for cm with his huge range mini knockback.

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And I’m still torn about changing my staff to Rod/Shield combo, and if so If I want second Wastrel shield or just random Int+Con or Velco. The extra def seems nice but… what if they buff staffs just after I change it? :stuck_out_tongue:



lol that’s one of my current worries too. I have a staff and just use a velco shield to complete the 5 set velco bonus but it will be a lot more convenient to use a rod if I could. However I’m hesitating because I’m not sure it’s worth shifting to rod right now due to the upcoming 420 level cap raise and possible buffs to staves.

It’s a waiting game for more information for me, I’ll just stick to my current set-up even if it’s sub-optimal or inconvenient.



He acts as if Miko Dievs don’t cause a cancer amount of lag wherever they go

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Well, I have it easier (and also harder at the same time :P) because I’m still siting on my 350 primus staff (still didn’t put gems back in, dunno if I want to). But yea, I can wait with it and it may be the best idea for now (just need to decide with Wastrel recipe to pick up from event box, another shield or staff).



I’m sorry if this has already been answered elsewhere but since Re:Build, some things may have changed so I’m asking here. Does it matter if I fully charge Flesh Cannon or not?



Flesh Cannon still levels up while charging, so doing so will increase the damage, the % chance of applying bane stacks and the amount applied per hit. Flesh Hoop is more reliable at maintaining and applying the stacks though so if you’re actively using that you won’t need to max charge cannon every time.



Hello Kihseki! First I want to thank you so much for your guide. I returned to this game a week ago from playing the first week of launch. With this I have been able to confidently progress the levels to currently 352 Wiz > Sorc > Necro > Bokor
My question refers to your Summon section. You have provided outstanding information on the cards and which are great for the jobs they do along with videos for them aswell. My question is about Marnox and Frost Lord
From my understanding Marnox used to be king and was recently nerfed would you recommend him still for Dungeons>CM>Grinding on maps?
Ive roughly saved 13m and I want to take my progression to a card that I can dump all my resources into since its so little ATM.
Froster Lord I realize is very good for boss and riding but I feel if Marnox is still decent enough to invest into I could grab him level up and CM and Farm/Grind with unless you prefer other cards to him



You’re welcome, and thanks as well for reading.

Marnox is fine, it’s just put on roughly the same level as the other summons. It used to do the full damage of other summons per hit, now it does the same damage total over the 2 hits. It still has really good hitboxes compared to some of the other summons, but I’m not sure it’s worth the price anymore. If you just want something that’s basically a large version of your other summons then Marnox will do great.

If there’s a summon you’d want to have though, I believe it’s Froster Lord. It’s a magic type and doesn’t benefit from Great Corruption but that’s fine, its basic attack is amazing on bosses while the skills decimates normal mobs. It just requires a bit more effort to maximize its damage by riding on and off to position it or use its skills.



Very helpful! I’ve been looking for some insight since they change things after rebuild, and how to farm cards, last time i play was cbt. :sweat_smile:
Thank you for making this tread! :heart:

on side note, does it really hard to farm skill gem? i look at the chance only 0.04% :weary:



you always go for staff as a summoner



Question: how does Salamion’s heal work/scale? Let’s take the main summon for example, with Overwork attribute. Willl higher lv Sal keep the main alive longer the higher Sal’s lv is?



it scales with Salamion HP, higher levels will increase the heal yes. Level 8 is not enough to beat overwork completely but it stalls it for long enough to just resummon the main every now and then.



What do you think of Helgasercle? I like the colour of the attacks (red) which will somewhat fit my “blood theme” mage if I pair it with featherfoot.



Its cooldowns are high and damage is kinda low. I don’t know why but some of the demon lords like Rexipher, Helga and Blut have lower damage than other summons.



That’s sad. I hope they buff up the cooler looking summons to make them viable