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Ardito theory-craft


OK, I haven’t played for awhile. Seeing new classes coming soon, I wanna start a thread for the new class I’m most interested in.

I’m thinking about corsair-assassin-ardito. Seems like Ardito benefits from slash and pierce attacks, so assassin and corsair fit best.


let me think about it…

Ardito > Rogue > Corsair

would be a good build


I’m going Assassin>Enchanter>Ardito for that sweet Wastrel crit rate.


You dont even need enchanter to proc wastrel sword with Ardito, the molotov skill is strike type and does a lot of hits to proc it

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Rogue… I keep seeing rogues in many scout builds. Is it because those builds are for PvP?

It’s not that I don’t value your opinion, but what is so good about rogue? Or in this case, its synergy with ardito?


I prefer having it proc on autos, but i didn’t realize all the grenade skills are strike type(i was using tosneet instead of tosguru, my bad) and the cooldows aren’t that high…

But still,if we get 3 skillcaster classes,isn’t it too much?


Going for a support class is not a bad idea, but enchanter not the best in my opinion. Linker being the most obvious choice, and corsair being decent as well (just keep in mind Brutality wont increase the grenades and molotovs damage since they are strike-type, will only increase Talio and Invasione. But jolly roger should work)


Ya for PVP,without linker you can’t really be much help unless against a boss.

However,Corsair is also a good choice.


Seriously this forum makes me sick …

You dont need linker to do velc and there are way better options for pvp then linker!

Linker isn´t bad its just crazy overrated in the community…

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Im going for Linker - BM - Ardito, dagger isn’t a problem for me, but I want to focus on granades/Molotov.
Rogue/Corsair - Ardito - Corsair/Assassin Looks promising, but im not a great fan of knives build.


@saphien yea the 3 molotov seems pretty good at AoE in challenge mode. I personally don’t like linker in party play either when teammates are strong enough, but linker is good at single target bossing.

@thagoevil1118 BM huh… I’ve never tried any build that auto-switch weapons, so I’m not sure how effective that feature is. All ardito’s skills, including grenades, require daggers btw.

Edit: oh sorry, the heal skill can be either dagger or pistol, or so I think.


Assassin-Ardito-Linker or Assassin-Ardito-BM


The cooldown reduction effect for the Ardito skills could be effected by by lightning hands. So enchanter could be a no brainer pick for Ardito.

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How does it work? Google translate makes senseless garbage about the cooldown reduction.


gonna try Sin-Ardi-Linker as well. just for general farming and PvE i guess


I wanna make a Sin-Ardi-Shin for that saboteur feeling XD

The only problem I have is with skills, because honestly they all look good to me, but there’s too few skill points. Does anyone have an idea on how to build Ardito?


Max everything except the heal and backward jump one.


The heal still sucks?

With max lvl +100% attri is like 9k HP recovered with 45 sec CD and no heal overtime (like potions) is still the same?



Oh really? Well, good or bad, I still think Ardito should focus on dealing damage instead of healing. Seems like red potions will be better than the skill anyway.