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Archer3 skill choice



ps: Timed arrow bomb gives in game display above mob head with +50% damage plate, cant remember if heavy shot does that too.

The thing is, since it’s a pseudo multi-hit, that means it receives crit attack, element attack, and monster damage on the first hit. While before when it was an actual multi-hit, it would get that bonus for both hits.

Of course, unless pseudo multi-hits do get them for each hit, but there isn’t any concrete proof yet.

it depend on your build
swift step can be kept at lv 10 you don’t need to up to 15
multi shot 15 is a must since it does insane dmg for an starter class
oblique must be at lv 1, it’s only useful with it’s slow later
heavy shot i recommend lv 10 for pvp, it’s one of the best tool of archer in pvp because it does perma knock back
full draw can up to lv 7 for faster charge but lv 1 is still fine
kneeling shot only good for aa build with QS c3
twin arrow lv 5 is good for single target dps, you can drink lv 10 mana pot so it’s not rl a problem.

Well, my damage tests earlier would seem to indicate that any bonuses like that are applied to the whole thing. Since it’s calculated as if it’s one hit, and then doubled by the skill modifier, any element attack, crit attack, etc. is effectively applied twice.

That’s true. Hmm, then I wonder why I find it a bad skill.