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Archer Support Build

Hi, I’ve been having fun trying something new lately and wanted to know your opinion on it and if my idea can work in the current meta. I am currently developing a support / control build based on Appraiser / Falconeer / Piedpiper. Do you think it will work in the current meta or should I turn to the classic Hunter / Appraiser / Falconeer?

I am also attaching a link with my current build

Pied piper is more of a detriment than a benefit these days. +100% damage taken very dangerous, and the +100% damage is not a very good payoff in the age of damage bonus bloat. I think Hunter would serve you better.

Ok, thank you. So I’ll go hunter

my personal experience as a hunter lootchance buffer in CM and DS:
-It is annoying to switch to savage bow every 100 second, cast hounding, then switch back to main weapon.
-even if IMC said lootchance affecting debris/dark red drop, my DS level 5+lootchance 5000 runs has 0 debris drop compared to my DS3 runs.

I didn’t think the Hunter was so cumbersome to use. I’ll have to get used to it

Normally, hunter playstyle isnt that cumbersome. It is just hunter hounding’s give +1000 loot chance, and with savage bow, another +400 loot chance, which make endgame profesional lootbufferhunter to constantly switch weapon every 100s.

If you dont care about loot chance, you can forget about that savage bow
if you dont care about DPS and want to make fullsupport build, you can just use savage bow permanently.

Perfect hunter DPS build must prepare 2 t10 +16 2h weapon and 2 vanilla shield with max STR stat too

I see. I will follow your advice, thank you very much :grin: