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Archer new class: Arquebusier

Precision fire is LITERALLY block and shoot


Vaivora musket was totally expected, but that doesn’t make me feel less bummed out about it. The effect looks pretty strong.
Then again, the matross one is also quite nice.

so… what does that fortress do? because characters can go through it perfectly and attack it seems…

It grants you a buff that lets you run at full speed with Snipers Serenity active

so it’s useless if you are cannoner/matross…? great xD

It also makes some of Arques skills pierce enemies.

Is nobody interested in Arquebusier? :sad:

I want to give the class a shot… but this is coming from someone who never played the archer class tree xd

It looks refreshing to be honest compared to the usual archer builds I see

it makes the owner in the circle to be able to charge clean shot stack with auto attacks