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Archer boss killing build

I’m new to tree of savior and i’m a bit overwhelmed by all the class builds that I should go. I’m an archer and I want to go a very solo or duo orientated boss killing build. I’ve seen a lot of Archer C1->Ranger C3->Fletcher C3 but i’ve also seen that that build is pretty old and it may be out dated. I’m only level 20 at the moment but I don’t want to advance putting my points into the wrongs stats & skills.

You could use @Nicola her build:

Or the korean musketeer build: archer2 ranger3 rogue1 musketeer2.

These builds severely lack AoE on low cd.

I don’t really mind no AoE, but is this build a sort of DoT build? Because I don’t particularly like the playstyle of a build like that. I’m going to have a friend with me playing Wizard who is looking for an AoE sort of build but he isn’t sure either so if you could help with that also that would be amazing

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It is a sustained damage build (similar to dot yes).
I recommend you check this guide (it has all classes). You do not have to 100% follow these guides but you could use them to get a better idea of the classes.


Do not hesitate to post there, I am sure xan will help.

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Thank you so much, this helps out heaps