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Arch Stone Drop rate is slowly killing this game

There are a lot of “problems” with this game, yes, but honestly all the current problems are outshined by two things:

  • Current Silute server’s hardware that cant handle 50 ppl on the same channel without completely breaking up.
  • Arch stone fragment drop rate.

Today I wanted to talk a little about the 2nd issue. Currently the drop chance is so low that a player that actively does every activity in the game, every day, gets about 1 arch stone fragment every 3 months. Because of this we can assume it to be impossible, at a certain point, to get any progression in this game without: Having multiple accounts or spending a lot of real life money on the black market (aka buying silver from multi-accounters).

Right now the entirety of the game is basically that, and IMC has a huge finger in it: they calculated the drop chance of Arch Stone Fragment (a necessity, like blessed gems) to factor in for the people that have 20 bots farming CMs with macros and afking in dungeons, that is ridiculous.

At this rate, every new player that comes in this game wont see a path forward and quit. And this MMO is only as good as the players and friends playing it, if they are gone and there are no new friends to play with then there is no fun to be had here.

Arch Stone Fragment is a necessity, like Blessed gems, you need hundreds of it to progress in the game, so the drop rate shouldnt be lower than Vaivora items, which are supposed to be some of the rarest drops in the game.

If anything, the current drop rate only gives more power to gold sellers and botters and takes it away from players who play the game “the way it is supposed to”, while pushing away any possible newcomer.

IMC, this is not a problem to be fixed “in the next big patch” in 3 or 6 months or something like that, this needs to be fixed asap


IMHO, MMORPG is pointless… real life interaction is gold… Console games is more fun to play… If you’re not happy in what you do, take a break, play something else…


That’s not really my experience at all and if you push your anecdote to such an absurdly extreme degree no one is going to take you seriously

nah dude… you just sick of being bad luck brian and cry begging for another bad luck brian to come here and support your misery. ultra high rare mat are common in every mmo and honestly if there is no arch stone in this game what mat are considered high class mat?? nothing lmao
everything are obtainable easily, either just take time or money.

I don’t think it’s that low. So far I’ve gotten about 2 frags per month, and I didn’t do all content that’s available/at highest difficulty to increase the chance (IMC and their warped balance priority,they should buff the weakest classes first). it’s probably even higher than the vaivora drop rate, the problem is,though, that vaivoras appear at the market because, well, not every vaivora is needed by the player who obtains them. Arch stones and their fragments on the other hand can be used by everyone, so they have a far lesser chance to actually go onto the market, and with IMC putting in more equipment that needs them, they also have no leeway to become cheaper, which would be the normal procedure for an MMORPG.

Instead IMCs strategy is to keep every single material that has been utilized since Episode 12-1 at the same worth by introducing more and more ways to spend them, which results in lower supply the lower the acquisition rate is since many players will rather opt to use the item than sell it for silver.
This was fine for items with a high drop rate by default like Blessed Gems or Magic Stones, but Arch Stones get the short end of the stick since not everyone can actually participate in every content.

That’s also a bit the fault of IMC replacing the easy versions of the raids with the auto-matching feature. They should have replaced the normal version of the raid with auto-matching so you can get better loots via auto-matching and still have a beginner-friendly raid at entry level to learn the mechanics. That way more Arch Stones would come into circulation and eventually reach the market.

i dont know man, i came from last season server and approximately playing for 7months…but i got full demon armors, 1 crafted arch, and 1 kara neck 1 kara bracelete - thats about 54 archfragment. (no gatcha involve, and only top-up twice for jump boxes)

if you solely rely on your sole drop and luck, you wont progress. The market is always open to buy stuffs.

ok lets say your wish is granted and made archfrags drop once or twice a week. Market probably blow up with archfrags and players will hit their ceiling/end-game equips immediately…and when that happens, they will quit the game since there is no goal at all.

You might want to look on the other perspective: What’s keeping players to play this fcking game is the goal to complete their gears, and it wont be fun and challenging if those gears are easy to obtain - its really really hard, but not impossible. If this type of game is not your cup of tea, then I’d recommend to stay away from MMORPG genres.

stop kill it, it’s already dead.

you can buy 1 arch fragment per week from ds+cm resets weekly XDD … if you’re a gambler then maybe you’re having a string of baaaaad luck …

That’s pure RNG unfortunately. I’m sitting on an archstone since forever now (got it while you had a chance to get one from Uphill) and was stuck on 3 frags since November. But in the past 2 weeks I got 3 frags dropped (1 from DCP + 2 from auto DS).

It’s clearly the opposite. No idea since how long Vaivora items were introduced, but I got one literally on day one, and from killing a mere elite mob on Sajunga Road. Since then, maybe a thousand CM runs and everything else in the game daily, no more vv drop…

That’s the main point here. Don’t wait for the frags to drop, anticipate by buying them from the market. For us on EU server it’s really hard since the supply is low and each one you buy is expensive, but with the amount of silver you can make weekly there’s nothing preventing you from buying one every week.

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Good news, free arkstone after tomorrows maintenance :3 arbor day …

Free lvl 3 non enhanceable ark to be accurate…
but if you’re an existing player you will still have to do a new char and bring it to 450.
Returning and new just get it without putting any effort.
So, as usual, no respect at all to their active players…

The main problem i can see with the extreme low drop rate on archstones is “time against luck” making the game becoming stressful for the majority that did not have luck at all.

For exemplification lets say you can farm and buy near 2 archstones fragments per week (technically its possible more by selling the common/r drops) doing everything you can (CM, Sing, Raids) and lets use the average 2 Archstone frag per month, for now leaving alone vaivora drop factor for simplicity: It will still take you Near 8 weeks of grind until you get your crafted ark plus 16 weeks for just the archstones for your karaliene kit… 6 months, thats the time you will take if you don’t get luck at some point. But if you get lucky you will probably take about 1 or 2 weeks (seems fair?).

That time gap for luck factor makes the journey really stressful (and feel unfair) to watch other players getting ahead infinitely just because they got lucky, not because he did other contents or invested more, neither did some crazy strategy, just luck, that’s what i see is the major flaw on this gigantic RNG wall for gearing up. And as a plus, after the lucky one got ahead of you, he will start to get better rewards because the influence of the gear on the damage is bigger than ever and the game only knows how to reward damage output(CM automatch, sing automatch, joint, weekly, bernice, less time for Tel Harsha, etc)…

That was my point of view as a fellow unlucky player.


I bet they actually give free stage 3 arks now so people can dismantle their real ones and craft these stupid karaliene accessories.
Band-aid solutions for real problems.

if you have lvl 8-10 ark, would you dismantle it and settle for free lvl 3 ark?

Its fixed on Level 3. You will need Ark level 6 at least for some end game content…

only for automatching. Doesn’t prevent you from entering via field in a party. And end game content also requires Karaliene set so you can’t automatch for that either way if you only have the ark.

I feel this on a spiritual level. Call it salty, but having to repeat CMs and grind content only to get very little while seeing the same names getting announced over and over again every goddess grace is pure injustice. They’re getting so far ahead just because they were lucky. Meanwhile, unlucky folks have to suffer buying it from the market, making the lucky ones richer, so they can get further ahead. I mean, if I can finish the same raids, participate in the same contents, don’t I deserve to get some archstones too? I already finished my luci through grinding countless CMs, but I still feel bad because, now I need to craft lvl 3 goddess armors, and guess what, I’ll need more archstone fragments!


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The drop rate is just dumb.

I’ve been doing lepi hard, ww hard, solo content etc for months and I was only able to get my ark and incomplete karaliente brazelets x2 only because I bought lots and lots of arch fragments in the market.

I never dropped anything useful from the big raids except one +11 one handed sword in ww and 3 fragments in tel harsha/singularities.

Then you see all the whales getting full archstones frequently and selling fragments for 85+ millions… it makes the game just very frustrating.

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silute market

price similar to telsiai’s.

even silute’s vaivora is cheaper than telsiai’s

i think nuba-sama simply just too stingy to buy 1 arch stone fragment from market, eventho having 70m weekly DS/CM income. He should be grateful he doesnt play at fedi server (shown below)