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Arbalester - Ranger -?

Hello there,

right now i’m using arba - ranger - appraiser but i found myself with just a few skills and a think that i’m basically giving marks and debuff to use shining and deadzone, i would like to have a rotation a little bit longer. I was thinking of getting falconer or maybe wugushi to win some aoe, what do you think?
Idk how the wugushi is right now, because i used to play as wizard. Thanks in advance :smiley:

i prefer falconer than wugushi for party play

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arbalester - mergen - fletcher
you got sh*tloads of skills and your rotation will never end

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but mergen use bow and arba only xbow, how does it work?

swap(auto?idk never really try)
top tiers bernice previously combine arba-mergen-somethingIforgot to spam skills
he technically never runout of dps skills and chugging sp potions like drinking water

No, dont!
That is too much investment to finally enjoy being strong. Moreover, the said top tier bernice now already changed build to ranger fletcher mergen and still manage to break his own record.

so you can focus in 1 weapon and still be strong
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i think the alt is to be arba-rab-fletchet
but easy aoe go for wugu-falc is fine
just don’t go sap for now

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