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Arbalester anyone? Post June 2020 rebalance and thoughts

hey guys as the title suggests im looking for a build for arbalest with which i saw a certain rebalance to its kit

Currently im on Arba > ranger > sapper

as much as the AoE is pretty decent in this one i still feel that later on in the end game i might need better build for this arba (i know other classes out DPS arba but arba is my passion!)

so do anyone have any suggestion for a build for Arba and the pros of your given build?

Thank you very much!!

Started lvling as a musket, tigerhunter but changed to arba, fletcher and prolly going hunter as last. Hopefully that build will do decent in cm and for bossing =)

Arab-wugu-sapper for more AoE focus,average Bossing
Arab-Fletcher-Ranger kinda all round type
Arab-QS-Piper PvP-support focused

Ranger Wugushi Arbalester seems to be meta in KR with the thunderbolt ark.

Here’s my contribution (Still don’t have the ark):