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Appreciation for the (seemingly new) staff

i would like to appreciate the works of (seemingly new) staffs who updating web page news or artist behind all the image/asset/graphic updates because clearly all the patch notes, the thumbnails, leti/goddess cubes image and its details, steam patch notes thumbnails and maybe theres even more i didnt mention, it is getting better
i never see any changes to steam patchnotes thumbnails for like years lol

its obvious the guy behind this loving his job more
its like the game received more love somehow
please continue your good job
hope you get paid well by the smoll money i will spend on tp cause masquerades looks cool and i love cool more than cute
thank you.


If only the guys in charge of the balance of the game were as cool as the ones in charge of art :tired:

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Or the QA team. Seeing obvious bugs never fixed when it would just take them to open the game and play for ten seconds…