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Appraiser Quest NPC New Location

This is a pretty straightforward question: where is the Appraiser Quest NPC “Pricess Gaivile’s Attendant” (typos intended) located now?

I’ve stopped playing Tree of Savior a few years ago, before Klaipeda had its map changed. Back then they could be found by the northern, locked gate. I’ve googled for an answer and I’ve seen a post in these forums, but none of the pictures loaded and that was pretty much all the information.

I’ve seen around the web that it now spawns between the Archer Master and Baron Munchausen - is that correct? I’ve been hopping channels for quite a while now and, even though I understand that it can take a few hours for the NPC to spawn, I want to be sure I’m at the right location.

I’m playing on one of the Growth Support servers right now - if that’s relevant at all.

EDIT: Took itself a while, but, yes, he’s there. The NPC can be found between the Archer Master and Baron Munchausen NPCs, for those out there wondering. This is a pretty fresh information for now, so it should suffice for a while.