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[Apolonija] Do you like what you see?

Title: Do you like what you see?
Server: Silute
Team Name: Winderie

Apolonija genderswapped every Master in Klaipeda and is enjoying their beauty against their will! But our dear Swordsman Master, Rashua, is enjoying his new form more and more. Is Apolonija enjoying it too? Does everyone else like it? Let’s see!

I hope you all like it too! It was fun to do <3


i’m glad to hear you have fun :satisfaction:

i wonder what is the feminine name for rashua Owo?

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Awww I’m happy to read that! You’re really kind :haha:

Ohh! It could be something like Rashie, or Rashelle, although Rashua really works as a female name too <3

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thank you / w \

oooh~ i did thought of rashelle as well Owo!

and then i’ve been thinking that rashua does sound like a unisex name owO