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[Apolonija] Cooler than ever Onmyoji Master


Final ?

2nd Draft

1st Draft

Title: [Apolonija] Cooler than ever Onmyoji Master
Server: Telsiai
Team Name: Nifelheim

Art is still work in progress hopefully can finish in due time.
Do vote for me when I finish it if you like the artwork bows


Wow, I can’t w8 to see the final. This seems cool.

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ohoho~ i wanna see the finished one too :satisfaction:

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Finally! a great gender bender without relying on boobs

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Looking forward to the finished one, this looks really nice.
Cute and cool at the same time :haha:

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Thank you all haha comments are encouraging! Will finish it xD

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charm-kun be like

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wtfffffffffffffff so opguy

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guyyyy you op too wdymmm

Update Cleaner version with added details



i think ubest compossite guy

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just different style guy
you have your own style guyyyy and its good
i think this time many tough competitions reee haha all the best to all of us



i like!
no need big boobs
no need revealing outfit
just pure original badass art

if this don’t win in votes, for sure it will be GM pick

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Thank you ! glad you like it haha!

damn… it’s beryyy gewdd. love the art! one of my favorite master, onmyoji ftw <3

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Thank you guy! Glad you liked it!

OMG it looks so good now :sad: Its beautiful

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Danke -bows- glad you liked it

nyaha XD i like the summon symbol on her hand :satisfaction:

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