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Any Fletcher builds?

Looking for good fletcher builds, was thinking piper but not sure

I see this is dated but Ihave to say Iwas huge into fletcher during icbt2, and I still have some faith.

From what I can see you’ll have two options for fletcher to be smooth: Bow or crossbow.

Bow will probably mix in either ranger or mergen, probably ranger. Third class is a bit open (Falconer, Pied Piper, Appraiser, etc)

Crossbow will almost certainly go crossbow+shield and go Quarrel Shooter and a third (Falconer, Ranger, Wugu or Pied Piper).

I’d be glad to talk about it more with you so we can refine a good build for either if you’re interested.

Thoughts on this?

My fletcher mergen build.

I’ve been a big fletcher fan for awhile as well, and wanted to incorporate pied in there too as the whole complete 2h handed bow (ranger-fletcher-mergen) build was not as interesting to me. Currently i believe fletcher and pied are a lock. My idea was to place magic arrow then walk a mob in it constantly with pied and at the end of skill when they are grouped spam crossfire. Was looking for a third why would you say ranger over mergen? would be interested in creating a good build.

Personally since I’m a controller player ,unless I want to do a lot of work setting up XPadder and custom joystick xml I’m basically locked into 16 hotkey slots (+4 pots), you have the swap but that can be a bit laggy at times, so at worst I’d put my 300s buffs there.

This and my general playstyle means I don’t want too many active skills. Mergen isn’t really buffs, just actives. Ranger at least provides some buffs.

I’m considering Fletcher-Pied-Ranger or Mergen but also I believe Fletcher-Pied-QS would work well if you do the whole crossbow+shield thing.

I’m not sure how the numbers on Block n Shoot’s block work exactly, just doubles any block you have?
Thoughts on this?

Mergen is actually the top dps class for bows and fletcher is used to complement the class. By dropping Mergen, your dps as a bow user will drop by 50%. The typical rotation as a Rang-Fletcher-Mergen starts with Bodkin + Broadhead + critical shot > all mergen skills > Ranger skills > fletcher remaining skills as a filler while waiting for mergen skills and maintain crit shot buff at the same time.

Divine machine arrow is too slow and unsuitable for the fast playstyle of fletcher. Magic arrow has a hit count limit (17 hits at lv5 which means its 17 hits on 1 target or 17 hits split among multiple targets)

Pied piper is a pure utility class which has no dps skills which means your dps rotation will suffer because of this. Quarrel shooter is super underwhelming right now. IMC needs more offense oriented x-bow users.

Playing as a Fletcher-Piper-QS means you only have like 4 skills to use for DPS reliably which means u will spend most of your time auto attacking which is not good as an archer. You would want at least 8-10 skills to cycle through if not you are going to get out-dps by a cleric healer dps hybrid build.

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Magic arrow has a hit count limit so having 17 hits split among 10 monsters isnt that good. Magic arrow is meant for bossing not for aoe clear.

You still want another dps class else you will feel lacking in damage and rotation.
Ranger, mergen and sapper all good. Never tried wugushi but the gameplay seems fine. Just pick any, there’s no wrong option.

Eh I still magic arrow in CM for silence. The attribute meant for mobbing as boss originally can’t get silenced.

I dont usually use my fletcher for cm anyway haha. i have a ranger falcon mergen for that

if you want a build with a lot of ticks,

I’ven seen lots of build with ranger, is it essential? or can i go Flecher > Sapper > Wugushi?
that’s what i had in mid:

I’ve found Fletcher lacking damage than before Re:Build. Especially Cross Fire, it doesn’t has burnt debuff attribute anymore while also lacking in both 1st hit damage and explosion damage compare to Divine Machine Arrow which multiplier is higher in both (5 overheats still make it weaker compare to 3 overheats and that mean more SP used, also limited explosion area). Not to mention Magic Arrow, which is now ultimate skill, has a fixed 76% damage while increase skill level only increase in hit counts and also share among mobs…And useless Barbed Arrow, why this skill still here ??? Fletcher need reworked as well.

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Crossfire has a burn debuff in it.

wouldn’t haveing Falco > Fletcher solve the issue with limitaded explosion area?

Oh doesn’t notice that, is it innate debuff ability now ?

Everything that lacking in AOE and AOE ratio is fixed by Falconer’s Circling and Aiming…

yeah , what i meant with my comment was that to compensate what fletcher lacks witch is aoe, you could solve with Falconer, like Ranger > Falco > Fletcher, or is mergen essential for the build cause it has good aoe to

Ranger and Fletcher already have enough aoe and single target. You don’t have to go Falconer on every Archer to make it work.

are you still using this, miraec?