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Not really watching or reading much at the moment.
I’m just waiting for the new PMMM movie/possible series.



why not konosuba?


Kono has its moments but…

Idk, speaking in terms of the anime alone, I have mixed opinions for it. I love the humor, for sure, but I hate how in recent episodes they’ve skipped content and explain in a very brief flashback “oh this and this happened between episodes, you didn’t get to see, these people are so-and-so and this is why they’re here”

Kind of weak for that kind of exposition in an anime these days when compared to the caliber of recent anime adaptations like Boku Dake etc (which, btw, is amazing lol)


well its a unexpectedly good one. I didnt pick it up until this week due to it being from studio DEEN. but then someone here is putting really good animation of Megumin and i finally tried the show.

SASUGA DEEN. they have redeemed themselves in my eyes with Konosuba. While i already forgot about kyo-ani and PA works titles this season.


Is it good? What’s it about? I’m kind of picky on my Japanese cartoons.
Of all the ones I watched, I can only think of 4 that I really enjoyed.


well is one of those good titles from studio DEEN. the animation maybe average but the voice acting is the really good part. I mean there are many other comedy anime in the season but i give points on the voice acting.

tldr: NEET guy dies after being hit by a track attempting to save a girl and gets reincarnated in alternate world and gets weirdo partymates harem. a priest that barely supports, a masochist swordswoman, and a chunibyou burst mage that is the epitome of michael bay if he became an anime girl


I’ll probably check it out later. Is it ongoing or finished?

[quote=“Karjalainen, post:474, topic:705”]
a masochist swordswoman



Boku no Hero looks cool. I know nothing about it except there’s a cute frog girl.


I actually prefer paring Satoru with Airi than Hinazuki.


@Kyubey what did you do! who on earth wished for an idol, sports, monstergirl, yuri in 1 show?


I regret nothing.
Disclosure of such information must remain confidential.


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Am addicted to anything made by CLAMP

See Yakumo Kusajishi


go read the new card captor sakura manga then


Already all over it :3


Cute girls pinging cute pongs



Only missed the part: S2 coming out the first of january. We are all looking forward to it, I guess C:


Actually I’ve been watching Overlord and I love Albedo