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An open letter for deaf people

Yeah, put locked gears and tickets in events and packages and expect people to grind. Dumb marketing management.

If you want people to play, make them actually play while giving rewards, that is actually rewarding, to their effort. So they will want to do it again.

Instead they make people keep playing because the reward is rng, and the only guaranteed move to get a gear is to buy from market.Is it worth the time and effort tho?

Now the only thing you can do is the timegated instances, and unrewarding competitions.

You can’t even get a piece of equipment without patiently grinding and waiting everyday for two weeks.

Do you ever think that we wanted to grind for a whole 1 day or no grind for 1-5 days?

Or maybe they were thinking that we can just do it next week and just delay it more and more until we are so behind that it makes us just stop playing anymore.

Now you get to the rankings and what would you get?
Titles that you could flex for a short time, that most people wouldn’t really get nor care about? Or items (some also rng) that serve as a trophy only to get stocked up in storage or be sold for more silvers?

I don’t dislike rng as a whole, only in this game that the risks aren’t worth losing

I admire the veterans and people who kept playing and I have no hate against the players, but you guys deserve better

And if you are doing it for fun or just to waste time, hm im not sure if that is your idea of fun, and if you want to waste time, just play another game.

But as always and everytime, this is for IMC, if you don’t plan on losing the game, please at least try not to do more bad decisions, it is already bad.

1.3-1.5k peak population steam charts, 4 servers, do the math

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Here is the thing:
The only pieces of gear that drains out your sanity are Karaliene and the Ark, even the lucifere is an ok grind out.
They already announced the planned changes to the goddess set update, and looked positive, cut on the grind by more than 75% with no loss on what people already farmed.
That at least shows that they know how stressful and time consuming it is to grind your way into full equipment.
It was literally scaring out most of the new players making the player base not grow.

You probably will just rage out anyway soooo i will not elaborate too much.

Until you do the math you’re right. Now let us look at the upcoming goddess gear. By default, you don’t need much investment, but then you realize that the entries are by character, meaning that you will be going to gear more characters to do the runs per week so you can overcome the 1% enhancement success chance on higher equipment upgrades.
That’s probably a lot faster than grinding Hunting Ground with a single character, since invested people have dozens of alts rotting around since forever that they can up with the EXP boost via field solo challenge.

So yeah, the hard RNG grind to fight against another layer of RNG is still real unless you grind up more characters to cap level.

There is still scary stuff remaining, for example the ichor extraction and ichor making/optimization.
Also Boruta seal RNG upgrade. dunno about you but the notion that endgame gear can be more easily upgraded/crafted didn’t really solve the problem of having to do the dozens of contents, since they only removed the unique raids and introduced more mandatory stuff (bounty hunt, bernice is now also mandatory) for progress.
Vaivora is now mandatory,too, so you need 4 vaivoras per character. Of course you can recycle some of them if your alts share the same specialization/classes, but other than that, have fun making a pandemonium of lv 4 vaivoras.

Nah I’m not really raging or anything and you can elaborate as much as you want, I wouldn’t mind being enlightened. Actually I’d be happy if players like you see the good and enjoy the game, that will only mean that many players see the positive side too don’t they? And that’s good because it means more players will come. Then I will want to play again because it will become lively. Hope I can see the change in the upcoming patch.

Fact #1: every day, I get a lot of applications for our guild, 99% of which are low level characters (< 10) with team level 1, the remaining 1% are level 300 or so characters with AJ rank none (meaning returning players). This means there are still a lot of people trying the game.

Fact #2: looking at our guild’s playerbase, only a handful of people are still playing and very few only regularly, everyone else just quit or just come to say hello once in a blue moon. This means the game doesn’t manage to retain its playerbase by proposing appealing content.

We will see when the Goddess patch hits if this changes…

I think it is going to be just like time when a lot have come back to check the last big update. Then stale again. Problem is essentially it is still the same, as we know, rng content etc etc and imc literally just has to constantly release content to keep what players they still have.

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Its all good, until you realize that a 1-2k population is just the same as the most populated private ro servers, to which they actually based upon as the “spiritual successor”. And it does quite a bit fall off on the mmo market, i mean comparing to the most populated mmos, even those of which is older than it is. A 2k population doesn’t even comes close to the 1% of theirs. But of course i won’t compare it to the newest release like new genesis, i mean they do have different playstyles and artstyle.

In terms of tos as an mmo, i think its the latest generation of an anime style isometric game, that is why people who do love the kind of genre have no other choice but to play. And when Lost Ark comes to the market, i can’t imagine what would be left.

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I guess you are just ignoring that Relic exists, like everyone else.


A Nirvana a day, keeps the samsara away.

40% of that population are alts for botting auto CM…not all, but atleast for Telsiai i mean.