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Allow base classes to craft skill scrolls and open shops

I think the concept of shop classes and only certain classes being able to craft skill scrolls should be abolished. These concepts have been dead and ignored for years without any improvement in sight and it greatly hinders the related classes from reach their full potential.

My solution would be to allow base classes to craft all skill scrolls and open all shops and rework the dedicated shop classes (Alchemist, Squire, etc.) into fully fledged classes usable for battle instead.

Alchemists and Squires have been ignored for years when it comes to balancing.

Krivis is in an awkward spot, because it seems all their balancing is hindered by the fact that they can craft skills scrolls, so they’ll never come close to the top Cleric classic in any area (Healing, DPS, etc.).

There are classes with shop or skill scroll craft abilities like Enchanter, Appraiser, Sage, Pardoner, etc. that are better balanced than others, so the related skills can be replaced with skills actually useful for PvE, bossing, etc.

Then we have the odd man out class like Templar, which doesn’t really fall into either category, but has an attack skill with Mortal Slash that has a skill factor that hasn’t been updated in years. My suggestion would be to replace Mortal Slash with a buff skill that benefits all classes in the Swordsman tree making them viable for builds and stuff outside GTW.

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Hello @rivayir,

We will forward your suggestions to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.