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All You Need to Know: The Savinose Gear Guide


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We have made an announcement regarding ‘All You Need to Know: The Savinose Gear Guide’.

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This will be really useful and I really need that 1H sword for my assassin…

Thanks You



5 Set: Grace of Rykuma

  • Dragon Strength Lv. 1 : Increases the duration of Grace of Rykuma by 10 seconds

What is the Grace of Rykuma effect tho? Actually what’s Korup’s Decay too?


-From Crevox’s translate:


3 Set
CON +42

4 Set
Movement Speed +3
CON +30

5 Set
Rykuma Skill
Provides immunity to debuffs for 20 seconds.
[Dragon Strength Lv1]
Duration increased to 30 seconds.
Consumes 1 Lensterseum item to use
Cooldown: 100 sec


3 Set
STR +32
INT +32

4 Set
AoE Attack Ratio +3

5 Set
Korup Skill
Reduce your own maximum HP by 30% to increase damage dealt by 10% per debuff on the enemy for 10 seconds. Already buffed in ktos -> 30% damage per debuff, but now have a cap in 240%
[Dragon Strength Lv1]
+10% Physical/Poison damage
+20% Minimum Critical Chance with Magic on cursed enemies(?)
Consumes 1 Riperium item to use
Cooldown: 100 sec

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thanks. Do u know how long after the introduction of these sets Korup was buffed? I could use it on my wugushi ‘-’


After a better look, this change was made in ktest, ktos get it buffed. So maybe we too.