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All Revelation Quests

Hello everyone! So, everytime I make a new character, I promise I’ll do all the storyline quests with it, but then I get as far as Mage Tower at lvl 130 and then just do dungeons and saalus missions until I get to 330, never to quest again.

So I come here asking for your help. I want to experience the story of the game, and so, as I don’t have enough time to do all the quests that are presented to me, I’d like to at least do all the revelation quests. So, do any of you have a list of all the Revelation quest locations? Or at least who I talk to to get them started? How many are there?

Thanks in advance!

"9. Additional Stat Points
You get 279 base stat points from levels.
You get up to an additional 38 stat points from Zemyna Statues, Story Quests, and Side Quests.
Therefore, you get a total of 317 stat points.

Seven (7) stat points are gained through Statues of the Goddess Zemyna:

  1. Lemprada Pond
  2. West Siauliai Woods
  3. Miners’ Village
  4. Royal Mausoleum Constructors’ Chapel
  5. Zachariel Crossroads
  6. Saknis Plains
  7. Inner Enceinte District

Twenty-four (24) stat points, three (3) each, are gained through story quests:
1. Revelation of Crystal Mine
2. Revelation of Tenet Church
3. Revelation of Kvailas Forest
4. Revelation of Royal Mausoleum
7. Saving the Goddess in Seir Rainforest
6. Revelation of Mage Tower
7. Revelation of Great Cathedral
8. Revelation of Kalejimas Prison

Two (2) stat points are gained through boss quests, both automatically gained if following the story quests:

  1. Helgasercle in Mage Tower 5F
  2. Naktis in Sanctuary

Five (5) stat points are gained through side quests:

  1. Protect the Heritage - Stele Road
  2. Treasure of the site > Ruklys’ Inheritance - Stele Road
  3. Traces of Stars - Goddess’ Ancient Garden
  4. Epitaph of Flurry / Flurry’s Inscription - Escanciu Village
  5. Old Tale - Fedimian Suburbs"

Source: Xan's Leveling Guide

PS. there’s also the Revelation of Fortress of the Land, but without free stat points. Just lore/story.

Fixed it. Cap is 330 now and that was from 280 cap. Updates necessary.

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Thank you for the replies! So, after Mage Tower there are only 2 more revelation questlines? That’s a bit underwelming honestly, I thought there’d be a lot more. Even if they don’t award stat points, I want to get a bit of flavor, so I’d be glad with just knowing the storyline.

Well, I guess I’ll get to the Great Cathedral then. Thanks again!