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ALL classes with OK auto-attacks/not many attack keys?

I convinced my DFO friends to join only if I can find classes that won’t adopt a piano-keyboard type style. So 15 buffs? OK. 15 different attacks that have to be keybinded? NAH. tbf DFO has us use 12 hotkeys for attacks, so I could understand why they’d want to downsize to 8-10 hotkeys for attacks.

Although from my understanding lots of basic attack spammers kinda suck? Or they’re clunky? Or they’re slow? Of course the only good one I can think of (Bullet Marker) is something they’d not be interested in bcuz guns in fantasy game = ???

They usually play physical classes, like dagger thieves/warriors/occasional archers.

He can try Corsair or Nak Muay.

:distinguished: Go for Monk AA he will have a great time.
That’s all i know of AA builds that don’t use guns.

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Though the auto attack is good, I can’t say that Nak Muay ain’t piano keyboard style with the short cooldown of their skills, especially now that the popular build is Barb-Doppel-Nak. Casting pounce alone is enough wait to for all Nak skill to cooldown IIRC :persevere:
From few character I own, the one who’s not really spam skills as much as the other is Falcon-Pied-Appra. The skillset is mostly crowd control, debuff, and buffing. A support type archer, you’re durable since you can equip shield and crossbow, you can set up shop for extra silver gain, and you’re excellent team player. But the most major drawback is this build is hard to level solo especially on later level or if you didn’t take Falconer first. Average skill cooldown would be around 1 minute
That’s all I can say from personal experience

I heard chaplain is good auto attacker combined with priest, but you’ll need to consult to a cleric master. I’m not even sure to recommend monk either
Bullet maker sounds good. Maybe BM-Link-Enchant?

All i did there was naming the classes that can boost AA. The build itself is another history, going for meta builds will prob end up on piano builds, Depending on how you put your points it could be like Rodelero - Barb - Nak it won’t be perfect but will be able to do things.
On corsair side, Enchanter - Outlaw/Assassin - Corsair. The only problem with corsair is the way double weapon assault works.
Monk Chaplain Priest is a pretty solid AA combo.

I’d say monk chaplain krivis

The reason is that it allows you to switch from autoattacking to spamming Energy Blast for bossing/CM/endgame content without losing damage.
you still basically spam one button every few seconds, but it’s the same button (Energy Blast) every 4 seconds.

Krivis also provides nice buffs that last around 30 seconds (Daino/Zalciai) and have to be pressed only once every 30/50 seconds.
Divine Stigma is more for bossing, but can be used to boost your basic attacks,too, just like God Finger Flick (10 seconds +50% damage from strike attacks like Double Punch basic attacks)
or to double the damage of Energy Blast (again, mainly for bossing).

All in all, the build needs very little skills (Iron Skin once every 30 minutes, Aspergillum/Last Rites once every 5 minutes, Melstis once every 90 seconds, Aukuras once every 60 seconds, Daino once every 50 seconds, Binatio once every 40 seconds, Zalciai/Paraclitus Time/Divine Stigma [all only needed against bosses] once every 30 seconds).

That’s basically 11 buttons in total (if you exclude Capella/Energy Blast/God Finger Flick, which have their specific use), with 3 of them only requiring to be pressed once every 5 -30 minutes.
2-3 of them are ± for bossing, so you’d play mainly with 4-6 button presses per minute + holding the attack button the whole time.


cough Bullet Marker cough

Bullet Marker or Schwarzer Reiter it is basically hold Z class with some other buttons to press if you got bored

well, SR is best recommendation then. after buff fiesta, and you only have 2 skill while holding C (after limacon buff) you can pair SR with linker and enchanter and still using low skill using (after buffing fiesta of course) ;3

Ok, let’s get technical.
Considering all the skills points you can get in-game, so it means:
-15 points for the base class, minimum of 3 maxed out skills;
-45 points per class chosen, a minimum of 3 maxed out skills (a really rare and hard thing to get nowadays, btw).
So a minimum of 12 skills per build. I would suggest Summoner build or some skill-based cleric builds, like Inquisitor-Zealot-Druid or Diev-Miku/Kannushi-Druid/Exorcist.
Or some build with support (with self buffs) classes or builds with high CD in the most powerful skills and few low CD skills to fill the gap.
But what do you/they consider a piano build? From my experience with MMOs, having more than 10 active skills is a very common thing.

That why i didn’t suggest classes like Musketeer, Bullet Marker, Schwarzer Reiter…

To me a Piano Build is something that isn’t AA based/super low cooldown based for the most part. So buffs don’t count, there can be 15 buffs as long as they’re passive or long lasting. Only active attack skills count or short term buffs.

So! Yes there will be 10+ keys assigned for buffs/attacks/etc. But only 2 to 6 attack keys will frequently be used for combat/DPS purposes. With the most frequently pushed button being basic attacks. (I suggested musket+groove spam for archer but they are so antigun in fantasy games. Oh. But a rocketlauncher or cannon? YEAH THAT’S FINE BCUZ DEY COOL. lmaookthensis)

If only you had played this game a while earlier… Quarrel Shooter with Running Shot was the build for people like you who prefer to turn off their brains and just clear content easily doing AAs. I’m honestly glad it’s gone (though a bit sad my grand crosses are useless now)

The most distinguished and cultured no-brain build was Scout3 back in the days of 0 cooldown split shot though

Scout3 is why the A key on my last keyboard stopped working

Why are people taking Nak Muay over Highlander in a Doppel- Barb build??

insane boss dmg

Because highlander isn’t buffed to have +2000% damage yet

So it’s picked not because of the synergy, but the base damage of its offense skills?

no, bcz nak master is hunk.

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Scout 3 was super SP hungry though D:

TBH Scout 3 was just SP hungry by the standards of the day, you could maintain it by spamming SP potions which is standard gameplay for most builds now