Tree of Savior

All Card Effects + Drop List V.2


For now…soon will be nerfed xD


whaaat? nuoooo and i just bought it … :<


it already have been nerfed on ktos for sometime now; it removed the frozen effect and only gives a someshort of slow/freeze, effect, the lighting bonus damage is still there but it does not cc lock enemies anymore.


I just came back from the game after a few months before onmyouji was released … XDDDD

hopefully its not going to be utterly useless card to use , froster …


if you use it for the lighting damage bonus, is gonna be the same, since it still applies, but the cc is no more!


Hello, do you know if the lightning debuff can affect bosses? I’m aware that Froster Lord didn’t affect bosses before because bosses can’t be frozen, but perhaps it’s possible that they are affected by the new debuff now?


Added the new legend cards