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[ADDONS]Discontinued/broken Addons update patch 10/30/18


hi, there are some addons that aren’t working with new update (new raid patch)

[Updated but not fixed yet]Market Names(there is a new version on the tos addon manager by menimani)

[FIXED] Autosave money (thx again to Ersakoz)

[FIXED]indunplus v2, Easysearch, shophelper (manual patch, thx to Ersakoz for posting here in the forum)

Simple warp


Fix inventory sort

Resource manager lite (works fine)




hair enchant extend

if someone knows more broken addons in this patch let me know it and I will update the list


Simplewarp also doesnt work anymore.


Plz fix market names for latest update whenever you can. Also, is it suppose to show items when pressing the show all button in the market because it doesn’t spawn the hundreds of pages with items for me.


Now I want to watch a speedrun on ToS D:

Rainbow Archer Full Story any% run :distinguished:


Anyone having an issue with cubes not rolling/working properly?

I don’t know what addon’s causing it, or if it’s a bug.

Also, I’ve had advancedskilltooltips, resourcegauge, and tooltiphelper removed from my addon list. One of those three isn’t compatible with the new market.


the advancedskilltooltips and resourcegauge are very old addons and i guess there are not working well long time ago

what addon manager are u using? many are using these addon manager(thanks to their respective owners)


shophelper does’n work


and easysearch is broken too

:pray: for fix, i need them


indunplus works fine but you have to manually reopen it every single time by typing /idp.

shophelper breaks execution of player shops but the display seems fine.

simplewarp doesn’t let you warp but the list shows up and works.

marketnames fries the market.


I try using the indunplus, it didn’t work, it appear black and don’t register anything :tired:


I had to press the minimize button on it and it fixes itself.


i think /farmed silver addon is broken too


Resource manager lite

by writ32 is working

just have to adjust Y placement via notepad to make it display properly

indunplus v2

works like how crebob mentioned

updates are on manager, so no need for manual install


is broken too , add that in~


tooltip helper is broken too


nope~ :heeey:
both versions are working fine.

xanaxiel’s and toukibi’s tooltiphelper


For indun, try opening team storage first and then pressing /idp to call it out


I think it’s the Excrulon one. Been using it since beta. Guess it’s time for me to upgrade. Thanks.

I’m still looking for that addon that disables my cubes though.


no works for me :confused: but i think is for the problem I had with tos right now

the tooltiphelper is working fine maybe the one who had problems had the very old version of it


have to manually reopen /idp
and it didnt register dun/saalus/cm/bla3 entry
only register silver for me…


Yeah it’s not working as intended or it used to be. Gotta wait for fix

Most of the addon devs are JP , and their game is one patch behind us as always :confused:


It is cwFarmed that makes cube opening screen broken, and also makes enchant scroll unable to work correctly. I tested and removed it for now.