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[ADDONS]Discontinued/broken Addons update patch 10/30/18



Easysearch & indunplus fix by Krypto


Double click to download


What version of tooltip u have??


oh nice



Updated the first post with the fixed version of the addon


hair enchant extend is broken? He’s not letting me see the status Enchant Jewel.

market names from addon manager with bug ?
I installed it and it shows up image


yes same here maybe only work in the jp server because it fail to generate the txt file like it does in the past


hopw do u install it?


any new inventory sorting add-on that’s working? it’s kinda difficult managing items when things are like this… TY



ANYONE plz for the love of god fix Autosave money or teach me how to do it, that addon is superb and i really want it back T-T


Here you go


about that addon I translate the options of this
left side
bless gem
raid portal
300 chall cube
golden coins
[event] maple leaf(ignore)

RIght side 380 mats
lydia red flower
starry dew
schaffen’s black flower
star guide lamp
lydia schaffen lens
chestnut shell arrrow
candlestick of honor
nicopolis star drop
nicopolis felin
royal blade fragment
[event]golden maple leaf(ignore)


Aww man, I liked that one.

Thanks for letting everyone know.


tos_speedrun is working again after the patch that moved the time zone lol


Hey, thanks for the updated list and the fixes.

I am still rather a new player to this game. How can I install the listed fixes of the broken addons?

Thanks a lot


you must download the file (there is a icon of a zip file at the left side) usually is _addonname(unicode icon).ipf with that you must go to the treeofsavior>data and paste there

before you install the fix you must install and unistall the older addon in the addon manager so it will create a folder called addons and inside this folder the name of the addon (example a folder called marketnames)


Thanks for the answer. I will follow the steps and try to fix my addons.

Kind Regards,

Edit: Seems like all of them work fine now.