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Addon Manager Issue! Need Help!


I am having a hard time to get the addon manager to work. After I installed the addons via addon manager, the addons would get automatically deleted when I launch the game. Anyone knows how to fix this? Thanks in advance.


What add-ons are you trying to install?_?

Also, make sure you have the correct location for the add-ons…

Make sure this is the location on the manager


Evade installing add-ons with this symbol image as they are usualy not compatible or/and no longer working…


I think I have the addon manager works properly. I can see the .ipf files get put into the data folder when I install them via manager. The problem is those files get removed as soon as I launch the game for some reason.

I have steam installed in D drive and under a different folder name. Do you think this is the cause of the problem?



yes that might be the problem


Nope reinstalled the game, still not working.


Did you moved all to C with the default names and changed the add-on manager browser thingy to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior

or have it on the equivalent to that location on D drive…

File location should look like this…



do the add-on’s ipf files in data folder have symbols in their file names?
(for example: _addonname-:snowman:-v2.0.0.ipf)

this happened to me when I installed an add-on manually by copy pasting and it turned out the symbol disappeared when I downloaded it and I only needed to add unicode symbol into the file name.
idk if this can happen too if you use add-on manager but I think it’s worth checking


yea, i have all the special characters in name.


Yes I do. The addon manager path is linked to this folder. That is how I can get all the .ipf files in the data folder.


Found this " when the game’s patcher starts, it deletes any new files that are not in the list of original files. But for some reason or another (maybe just dumb luck) this process ignores files with a unicode character in their names. However when the client itself loads the files, it just loads the entire folder, including the files with unicode characters! By exploiting this, addon authors have found a way to cleanly load our addons into the game without the need to create new addon updates every time an official patch is made to the file we were previously modifying."

However, as you can see there are unicode characters in the names. it still get deleted. Help!


there might be a file conflicting with manager/game, all else seems normal, did you had add-ons before manager existed?_?


Yes i used to put addon manually. atm i dont think this is addon manager problem. i removed the manager and tried manually put in some addons. They still got deleted.


I remember there was a file one had to remove from manual add-on but I forgot what and where :frowning:

EDIT: found this


Nope, i did everything in your referenced post and still. I am despaired lol