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Active block via C button: it needs a rework


As Re:build came, all Swordsmen and Clerics were enabled to use the C button when equipped with a shield to trigger the active block stance, which increases your block rate by 550.

However, the active block stance is underwhelming. Here is why:

  1. Swordsmen in Re:build have a very high base block modifier (300%), so by level 420 (since it’s coming next week I’m using 420 stats) you get 3x420 = 1260 base block.
    This makes using the active block stance pretty useless, as you could just spam attack skills instead (Swordsmen have many skills to use so they don’t use the active block when they could just deal damage instead) while still maintaining a very high chance to block incoming attacks.

  2. Clerics don’t have that many attack skills, so they can use it in downtime windows, if it wasn’t for the next point

  3. active block does not protect you from staggering, knockback or knockdown.

This is what makes the active blocking actually a ridiculous thing to do. If I see an enemies strong attack incoming, I have two options:

I move out of the AoE
II initiate block stance and tank the hit

If I take option II without having an active Pain Barrier running, I will get staggered/knocked back/knocked down with a high chance, instantly removing my active block stance and leaving me wide open for the next attack to to come.

How could there be such an oversight? Isn’t the active block supposed to defend my character?
Why is it that currently running away is the only viable option?

I suggest changing active block so that it becomes a useful alternative to running away:

  1. Active block needs to make immune to staggering, knockback and knockdown.
    Of course, this doesn’t come without a price.

  2. Depending on which type of attack was blocked, you’ll consume some of your Stamina every time you actively block an attack with the C button.

Slash attacks consume 1 stamina to be actively blocked.
When blocking a slash type attack, adds a 20% chance to stagger the enemy for 1 second, interrupting his attack (if it’s a multi-hit attack).

Pierce attacks consume 2 stamina to be actively blocked.
When blocking a pierce type attack, adds a 20% chance to negate 50% of the enemies weapon/sub-weapon attack for 3 seconds.

Strike attacks consume 3 stamina to be actively blocked.
When blocking a strike type attack, adds a 20% chance to cause unbalance to the enemy for 3 seconds, reducing his defense by 20%.

Missile:gun attacks (musket & pistol) consume 1 stamina to be actively blocked.
When blocking a missile:gun type attack, adds a 20% chance to cause a ricochet effect, reflecting the damage back to the enemy.

Missile:bow attacks(bow & crossbow) consume 2 stamina to be actively blocked.
When blocking a missile:bow type attack, adds a 20% chance to reduce the damage by 30% in exchange for 1 shield durability.

Missile:cannon attacks(cannon) consume 3 stamina to be blocked.
When blocking a missile:cannon type attack, adds a 20% chance to reduce the damage by 20% in exchange for being knocked back by 50.

  1. Magic attacks blocked actively will have not benefits(except for the 550 block bonus and stagger/knockback/knockdown immunity), but also not consume any stamina.

  2. Active block can be avoided by attackers when utilizing back attacks, making tactical attacks from behind and/or utilizing Werewolf cards more useful.

  3. Active block related effects (i.e. the 20% chance to cause x to the enemy) should be ignored by skills that ignore parts of the enemies defense (e.g. God Smash) as they penetrate the defensive aspects of the character with sheer force. Does not apply to buffs like Grooving Muzzle, Initiate or the Cannoneer Class attribute.

If active block is changed in this manner, it become an active part of combat and makes all PVE and PVP content more interesting.


The idea is good, would give more meaning for stamina, the only thing i see are on the ratios for the effects.
20% seems too much for me, i think 10% usually a balanced choice because it would not be too frequently and still proc easily.
For some cases that are less multi hits, like strike attacks, maybe 15% chance to proc could make it the same position.

i really loved the effect about gun shots haha.

Lets hope this suggestion reach imc ears.