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Accounts Banned for Abuse (May 5th, 2016)

Greetings Saviors!

The following is a list of blocked users and the reason they have been blocked.
If you feel that you have wrongly been banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

gold_seller frdtrsrs**
gold_seller ujuuhuhu**
gold_seller Teret**

gold_seller gyftftrd**
gold_seller gfhertref**
gold_seller yfftdtdt**
gold_seller bEE**
gold_seller fghfhgd**
gold_seller Reret**

bot sghewvfg**
bot werrd**
bot mj**
bot ngfh**
bot jhfgt**
bot git**
bot gitoo**
gold_seller sfhd**
gold_seller fddfeweg**
gold_seller Mkxi**
gold_seller qwqwfq**
gold_seller uyku**
gold_seller werfwegw**
gold_seller SILVERY100Ke1U**
gold_seller nbdsfs**
gold_seller fdsgrd**
gold_seller Mnxj**
gold_seller bsdsf**
gold_seller qk9k**

bot PLbd**
gold_seller wqe**
gold_seller Hmg8**
gold_seller dsac**
gold_seller hEMh**

bot hjVS**
bot szym**
bot bhf**
bot xNm8**
bot R2zKh**
bot 8Grh**
gold_seller qwdqwffg**
gold_seller qwdqqqd**
gold_seller ok112**
gold_seller qwdqwfqgf**

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

IMC Staff