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Accounts Banned for Abuse (April 22nd, 2016)

Greetings, Saviors.

We have blocked 42 bots and 71 gold sellers, the accounts totaling to 113. The following is a list of their team names and the reason why they were blocked.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned, please report your case to us through the support page.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

IMC Staff


Thank you for your increasing Vigilance IMC!
We hope that all our inquiries in various matters regarding VAC/Add-ons and everything else gets more attention soon too, looking forward to the fully polished state of this game :smiley:


Every day huh?

This is pretty rigid.

I like it. :smirk:

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Keep up the good work imc, every little thing helps.


As with everyone else here, thanks IMC. Giving us confidence in your abilities to make this a great game.

Great work! Keep scouring the servers for these abusers.


thank you IMC. ur banning of bots really make a lot of us enjoy our gameplay now.
lesser bots ksing us .
keep up the good work~!


Yay ! Thanks ! :smile:

Please report back to the powers that be that this sort of daily news reporting and transparency is a great thing for any game title. Seeing that a games company is engaged with its player base is a great thing. I wouldn’t expect every news post to be rich with changes and bans as such. Occasional fluff is fine but I really encourage imcgames to post a news type item every weekday.

Anyway it’s really good seeing the banhammer is being employed regularly and gives me the confidence of investing my time and money in ToS. Just please do not become a P2W game.


Just continue with this !

There were 2 high level bots spotted yesterday in honeymeli area (160+) that were reported by at least 3 players. Also I’m sure I reported them days ago on another occasion. I don’t see them on the list.

What is his team name?

I wonder. If they say “gold seller”, do they mean their spam-chat characters(which they surely have on another account and IP adress), or do them actually ban accounts with their silver.
Would be nice to see how much silver was on each of these accounts.

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IMC, shut up and take my money


these guys are like cockroaches, keep banning them IMC :slight_smile:


Good job so far IMC! I always knew you are doing your best. Not like those whiners on the forum… :rage:

Can you add a 4th column with servername those teams were on next time, please?

Great job IMC. I saw quite a lot of new bots after the 50% discounted sales. Good job getting rid of them as well.