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Abuse report - player trolls party with physical link, then sabotages CM

  • Server : Klaipeda

  • Team Name : demonyue

  • Location : Demon Prison District 2

  • Approximate date / time (EDT) : 7:40 PM

  • Evidence :

Player joined our CM group, then spammed physical link on us while standing in fire and other attacks to purposely kill us.

I warned them, they didn’t stop, so I booted them from the group. They kept re-joining it, and I kept having to kick them again. They did this about 15 times. I changed the name of the group but they were still able to join it with the link (thats retarded by the way). They eventually were able to get back inside the CM and hit the ‘quit CM’ portal, ruining the rest of the run for everyone.

Absolute ■■■■ troll player. I’ve blocked them now, but still not sure if that will keep them out of my groups.

I find it weird that personally inviting someone manually shows a pop up for the other person to just or not, but random invite on chat doesn’t give pop up to party leader if he wants people in…


I like the quick automation of the system, but there should be at least an option for the leaders to make invitation manually (reject/accept pop-up) or automatic like now…

oh i have experienced those kinds of people in CM too Owo;;

Oh hey! I was with you in the party. I really hope something can be done with that troll. It was a waste of time and levels. At least I got Sierra Powder.

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I was in that cm with you and you in stage2 of cm took it out only because it killed the banned or reported should be you and well what he did them because they deserved it not because they are more than others have the right to throw it out of a group where the CM was already advanced and because they wanted to take it out before they thank them they do not report they are mature have character to assume their own consequences of their end of the topic and do not make me post pictures of what they did because that is be bad player and bad people atte one more of the cm group of Demon PRISON

You basically ruined the CM for the other party members due to your bias against @samuraijakkass86 .
The fact that you have a problem with one person of the party doesn’t give you the right to ruin the game for the other members. I didn’t even know how you were until that CM, so I don’t know why I had to get my daily run ruined. You could simply have left the party. You didn’t do justice nor a right thing, if that’s what you intended to do in revenge for @samuraijakkass86

Since I posted this, the same guy has spam-joined groups I’ve posted in shout multiple times. I boot them, they rejoin, the cycle continues. It has happened on 3 different occasions now.

Please ban this toxic player.

Shout for it without linking party, wait for people to whisper or just tell they want to join party and then add them manually…

its slower, but it’s safer than letting trash join and ruin your games

The problem was that he could still use the link from the original posting. There was literally nothing I could do aside from dismantling the party and re-making a new one - and I’m not even sure you can do that in a CM.

You won’t be able to continue the CM unless you’re in the party that created the CM.

Exactly my point, no link no problems…

also, you cant enter a CM if the party advanced to next stage of it, it happens to me all the time…

so you could have waited until you were near next stage and before boss die, kick him and quickly go to next stage…

he would be able to enter party but would remain out of the CM…