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I have so much to say I have no idea what to say fist :\ I guess that <<<^^^^

thanks for the official sections :slight_smile:


Finally! Thank you!

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(Just joking guys)

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How is this build?? Anything i should change? tips??

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i think you will get better answers and info here

Wiz 4ever, Mages, Warlocks, Shamans, Priests!.. magic magic magic :comet:


work on Sorcerer and Necro buffs, they are really bad for their ranks.

un-nerf linker a bit please, or buff rank 3

Ok since i cant make my own Topic ill just post my question here:

i played the 2nd beta of ToS (loved it). first went for a Wiz since i love using magic in games. but after the 2nd or 3rd classchange i came to the conclusion that wizard and following classes are somehow not as fun as i imaged.

  • you are squishy
  • after very few mob groups you need to recover your mana
  • damage is okayish

so i switched to a Melee fighter and it was way more fun

  • i was tanky
  • i had good dmg, cits and overkill very often
  • even if my mana was empty i could just slash whole groups with my basic attack since it hits many enemys (unlike wizard…)

gameplay just felt more fluid and fun. not fight 2 grp. and than sit down and reg. mana.

dont wanna complain. i just want to know: is it still this way? than i would go straight for a melee class. if they fixed it i would go for wizard again.
also did they fix INT? i remember many people coming to the conclusion that putting more points into CON/SPR was way better than INT.

thanks for any replys :smiley:

INT was and is fine for the most part. The way skills work INT benefits the most out of multihit skills, where single hard hitting skills benefit much less from INT.

Wiz are still pretty much the same they were. They are probably the weakest out of the 4 starting classes to level solo at the start of the game. The only Wiz class that doesn’t really struggle at the very start is Pyro. If you want to play a Wiz you should probably be looking into either support (Wiz has some of the best support options in the game) or late game DPS.

so, u say on ToS mage dont have basic magic attack ? wtf
it seems u cant be a solo player with mage class on ToS ?

You mean this? -> Major Armstrong vs Sloth xD

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Good things take time. =3
Linker 3, Pyro1. Killing Mobs is easier then killing one thing at a time for me. Also I make pots =P

Sitting is for poor people =D

Anyone have any idea when ToS will re open for new players?

1- This is not the place to ask that

2- use the ■■■■■■■ search button or read all the news section…

12- Stop been so ■■■■■■■ lazy and expecting results :expressionless:

My second job was wiz too and i build at my stat was all con is that okei in my wiz . . ??

this build or

this build ur comment and suggestion guys tnx

Anyone tried out of meta builds wiz3 cryo3 warlock?