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Wizard Yes/No? Did something change since 2nd beta?

Ok. since i can now make my own topic i try it again since the “About the Wizard category” thread seems to be ignored.

i played the 2nd beta of ToS (loved it). first went for a Wiz since i love using magic in games. but after the 2nd or 3rd classchange i came to the conclusion that wizard and following classes are somehow not as fun as i imaged.

you are squishy
after very few mob groups you need to recover your mana
damage is okayish
EDIT: i dont mind being squishy but than i want at least something im better at. like dmg or whatever.

so i switched to a Melee fighter and it was way more fun

i was tanky
i had good dmg, cits and overkill very often
even if my mana was empty i could just slash whole groups with my basic attack since it hits many enemys (unlike wizard…)
gameplay just felt more fluid and fun. not fight 2 grp. and than sit down and reg. mana.

dont wanna complain. i just want to know: is it still this way? than i would go straight for a melee class. if they fixed it i would go for wizard again.
also did they fix INT? i remember many people coming to the conclusion that putting more points into CON/SPR was way better than INT.

thanks for any replys :smiley:

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Swordsman will always be best PvE character, but I think Wizard is better than it was in iCBT2.

what is iCBT2?
sorry noob here for that term lol

Yeah. Swordsman is really famous in TOS right now.
Wizard is great too but I think there will be few adjustments in the future because it it still an early access game, even if they release the game as beta; the game still needs to make some tweaks or adjustments especially when it comes to balancing the class.
But right now, Swordsman Class is really famous and Archer Class.

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In my opinion, playing Wizard class in any game requires patience, not just going to high-damage output or AOE but also strategy as well :slight_smile:
After all, that’s what makes wizard are for, strategists in every aspect :wink:

thanks for all the replys. @cpsx774 as i said i want a fluid gameplay. and sitting down after 2 mobs for regging mana isnt what i would concider fluid. i love wizard to cuz i love to play magic chars usually in all games. but here it was just not as fun.

@Stormwolf yes i hope they will fix a bit. i dont mind cooldowns and even being squishy. if you could at least eliminate the mana problem after a while that would be great. it would make the gameplay with mages way more fluid. oh well we will see

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@einheriar87 Me too bro…

I’m just being patient…who knows, my patience will pay me greatly…and maybe just maybe, in the end, wizards will prevails in some points too…

I’m having problems with SP too…SPR stat is good to add and tempting but it’s a waste especially if the wizard build is not support. If you are supprot type, then you can add SPR in your stat.

Plus, SP potion is expensive :frowning:
I hope they will increase the base stat SPR of the Wiz and SP recovery.

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Unless you’re going pyro>linker first, expect a slow start. But you’ll get rolling once you pick up enough skills to offset the long cooldowns and get some skill synergy/combos.

SP is definitely a pain early with no points in SPR, I would try and get the most out of bonfires, small SP pots, and using your exp cards to level for the full hp/sp.

In terms of playing your SP conservatively, try to avoid finishing off single target mobs with spells and use autoattack. Energy/Ice Bolt are expensive early and extremely inefficient to use on a single target. If you’re open to partying, wizards are almost always better in a group where you aren’t having to kite constantly and have someone else to finish off single targets, making your SP go a lot further.

Gearwise, In the main story questing from 50-75 you’ll get a necklace with 8 SPR and a chest with 10 int/100 SP that will help your SP management a lot.

Alchemist SP pots should be on sale soon if not already, which will give you a cheaper, better SP potion. Using these for your main SP recovery is pretty standard at higher levels.

It’s usually a slow start, but you’ll be rewarded :slight_smile:

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well maybe i will give it a try again. last time i was around 80 or a bit higher i think. went Wiz -> Cryo -> Psy and after that wanted to go Ele3. just love the elementalist skills. hope itll be more fun this time^^

putting stat point in SPR is not a “support wiz” thing as only cleric gain bonus to their skill from this stat(and it’s not all their skills only some). Everybody that want some decent sp regen should put some point in SPR.

You shouldn’t put any points into SPR unless you have a stat reset waiting to pop later on. SP becomes not a problem at all later in the game and all those points used in SPR you’ll wish you put it into a stat that actually matters. Just chug potions or use a bonfire.

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Give people a little time to answer your question next time.

But as @briancostlow11 said, potting, timing levels, and learning to use SP efficiently goes a long way as a Wiz.

If you are expecting to just smash a single button without thought to level in the early game then do not go Wiz.

if you had read what i wrote than you would have seen that i just wasnt happy with the not so fluid gameplay of the wiz class. and since i was 80+ (dont remember exact level) i might say i was already at a point in the game where i could expect to have a bit more fluid game experience.

obviously i did use pots and i did circle an extra time to get the mobs closer together so i hit them all with whatever spells i used.

again i dont expect to smash a single button to win the game (just btw playing warrior wasnt just a one button show either). i just didnt liked the constant downtime due to SP problems and not having a decent basic attack like for example warrior (dunno about archer since i dont play them). i think even priest could hit few enemys at once with the basic attack.

so yeah i will give it another try. thanks for the comment tho

Wiz is the only out of the three classes that has literally no circle based off of auto-attacking, which might be the reason their auto is so lackluster. AoE autos are a melee feature however.

You didn’t specify levels, only 2-3 class changes, which puts you at least in the 40-75 level range, so I assumed that’s where you had switched onto Swordie, my apologies if I was wrong.

As a note, however, that is still rather early into the game. Level ~75 is where you do the transition from Wiz3 into Ele, for example. When I say Wiz is a late game class I mean it, the longer you go with it, the better it will feel. You will have less and less problems with mana (assuming you are managing your mana properly), you will have a larger rotation, and less waiting for CDs.

Early game leveling is mostly an Archer luxury currently. Regardless of which path you take as an Archer, a single level in Oblique Shot can take you to rather high levels (relative to its investment and how early it comes). Even a Swordie can struggle a little depending on their choice of circles 2 and 3.

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ah i see. so even later. arg that will be hard to chew through. sorry for not stating the level i was befor.

i didnt do it last time because many people said its a pain but now id like to go Wiz3 Ele3 since i read it really pays off in the long run. im not really sure how to skill so maybe you can give your opinion. i tryed to think wich would be the best skills to pick.

Lethargy 5/15
Reflect Shield 15/15
Earthquake 5/15
Surespell 10/10
Magic Missile 5/5
Quick Cast 5/5

not sure if earthquake is decent till i get magic missile. just heard that energy bolt is pretty useless.

maybe you can give me some advice if that okayish to use

I’m literally writing up a topic about Circle 1 classes right now since a lot of people seem to make the same mistakes on each of them, leading to a lot of unnecessary posts pointing out the same mistakes.

Lethargy is a bit of a 1 point wonder, it increases Earthquake damage for early game, and later in the game strike damage from your group (through attribute). There’s no need to increase it further.

Earthquake damage falls off hard, so it ends up being another 1 point wonder. The knockup/knockback on Earthquake makes it a nice panic button for when you get yourself in a tight spot.

Reflect shield reflects very little damage, and I have a feeling the whole “not getting knocked back” feature either isn’t a thing anymore or is bugged. I’d just put whatever points you have left into this skill, like 5-8 levels or so.

Energy Bolt is terrible later in the game. The only reason it isn’t kept as a 1 pointer is that more levels make it so that you can cast lvl 1 Energy Bolt earlier on the cast bar (as in you don’t have to cast it all the way to the end).

Sleep is amazing CC, so you will want to grab it.

For reference, this is my current Wiz3 build that I got after quite a bit of research around here.

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lovely! :smiley:

thank you :wink: than i will go for this i guess :smiley: sounds reasonable. to bad that earthquake is so bad but i guess i get enough aoe skills with ele1-3.

guess i start playing now!

Screw swordies. Screw solo players. SCREW KIRITO WANNABES.