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About the Hacking / Abusing Reports category

This is a place where you can report hacking players to make a better in-game environment for everyone.

While we are also working on catching hackers, let us know about the ones we’ve missed since we can’t be everywhere at once.


Please remember to at least tell us the following when reporting hackers.

  • Server
  • Team name
  • Evidence (Screenshots or videos would be best)

well I thought all the players here are mature… Please ban this racist dude. He is generalizing a whole country just because of 1 player

server is from SEA Telsiai
player name: highsenberg

Server : Telsiai
Team name : image
A group of archers, while at the same time appear and disappear.

wserve telseai
name :Rica Hyumei
area:goddess ancient garden
this bot can shoot long branche tree from far without moving it will keep teleport in same spot and pick uosis without moving

Server Varena
name SmokingWeed LilWayne (lv 135 Pyromancer)
area Goddess Ancient Garden
Hack Range and bot, attack mob outside of it range, teleport to pick item drop

There is a vulnerability on entry - SALUS.

Many players enter one more time and get six box.
Please check.

Please investigate player (journal farm hack). This person increases his farm every moment of the day. He seems does not sleep, does not have lunch, even go to the bathroom. Sometimes he increases his points too fast.
Server: Siluai (South America)
Player: Capa (first at the journal this month)