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About the Guild - Declarations of War category

Declare war on a guild here.

You’ve tried diplomacy but ultimately failed. Or perhaps, you prefer the communication through combat from the start.
Either way, this means war!

Let the best guild stand proud.

  • This category is for declaring war on other guilds and related topics.

  • You may try to resolve the conflict through diplomacy and let no blood be shed.

  • You can RP here and those who don’t RP should not ridicule those who do. Conversely, no one should be forced to RP, either.

  • It is okay to crush your enemies, to see them driven before you and to hear the lamentations of their companions.

  • Let the feud between guilds be civil and “for-fun” only. It should never escalate to hurting each other’s feelings in real life. No mean-spirited and malicious words, expletives or actions will be permitted.
    If you do not abide by it, a plague o’ both your houses!


Really love this one.

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This section is going to be fun. Is there a way to keep track of the results? We could have a scoreboard.:checkered_flag:

Start the Drama!

/20 characters

You will pay for this in time (last 7 turns)

@STAFF_John I have seen a few posts about guild wars from others in the forum but can’t find an official word on what IMC plans are around guild wars so I was hoping you could clarifiy for me.

Are war declarations staying as 1 side being able to declare or war is it being changed to requiring “mutual agreement”?