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Two opinions, not related to bugs:

1 - Consider using the same system as Ragnarok for monster spawning (the map always have some exact monster quantity). I got some trouble trying to kill Weavers on the woods because their spawn is veeery slow.

2 - The boss fights are just kind of boring. I, as wizard-cryomancer, together with a cleric-priest, fought yesterday the first boss on the Crystal Mine. I spent all of my SP on attacks and just took ~30% of it’s life; after that, the SP recovery IS SO SLOW that I had to stay 5 minutes resting on some corner while my friend was allluring the monster somewhere and causing not much damage… Either of us did not had problems with HP.

please dont mimic the item repair of kcbt or make the squires consume less resources when repairing thanks!

Im playing at my Imac using windows, because im using a Imac, im using my keyboard from Apple that havent INSERT buttom, so i cant rest at game i cant sit. If is it possible, try to let us change configorate buttoms, let us edit.


Ps: i love the game, Congratz!