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A small feedback about the current system of the game

I can’t wait to play this game!! Beta or not I’ve been waiting so long for another game like this.


Going to give it my all in this beta :slight_smile: prepare for some information!


Can’t wait neither, been waiting since ragnarok 1. Going to give it all!


Hello, i m Bevlin, Sergeev Artem from Ukraine. Loved 1st RO and waiting to love TOS. Please send me the key


I don’t get beta keys whether i registered for long time ago. Is this keys selling here official?


In accordance to testing would a soak test be appropriate in the medium of an online game.



everything in game is good. im in SEA that make me some delay but it’s okay. but most trouble for me is “014643” :frowning:


Hi GM. I’m trying to post a bug report at the Game Content subtopic but it won’t let me. Do I need to do something first? :slight_smile:


I live in Latin America, and I am looking forward to test the game when the Latam servers open (during closed beta).

Thanks in advance


I was watching that streamer and I noticed a good amount fo botters in the game … How about to ban the botters and giveaway more keys for real ppl who would love play the game? :smiley:


wish they add more channels on places where people grind hard like constructors chapel, the pyromancers at that place just keep on spamming a fireball at a specific spot, lack of good spots also


Also for wizard class who cast , sometimes when monsters are about to attack and u manage to go far from them they still manage to attack u and stop your casting time, and its not a delay attack also

MONSTERS that you are attacking and almost half hp or almost full are changing target when another player past by and you end up chasing them -_- cant they focus on the players who attack them instead of going towards another players whos just passing by


Eu gostaria de relavar bugs e contribuir para o crescimento do game, mas como se não tenho key liberem mais keys


Hey, can someone tell me how do i get a Key for the Beta testing?? Me and some friends are waiting long time for this ^>^


Make the type so I can see it - thers a lot in this game I can not read at all even if I ask others - they can’t read it either