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erro code ,CPU,VGA and the memory drive informaton ??? what is ???

Uploading… i can’t writing new topic so i need help, i explain about this bug, at first i stay in pt whit 3 friends buf the game is disconecting, i login but in game i dont have position of quest so now i cant continue the history mode pls sos

That happen to me when i was making that BOSS in Kvailas Forest. He throw me and i falled from the map when i jump i couldn’t reach the terrain i only keep reaching the sky. lel

i hope i did help u guys.

Bosses in Gate Route are not attacking.

Sorry… I don’t really know where to post this. I can’t create a new topic. I was trying to check my quest list and I realized it just shows the ‘+’ Button, not the ’ - '. At that time I was in a party, didn’t see anything while I was alone. The action seems to be right, it’s just the button:

Lost about 15 lvl2 EXP cards, saved like 30 of them, and then spammed them, but when i got like 15 left i saw they were not giving any more EXP, tried to leave then come back, and i still had 15 cards, and the same EXP…

problem with the NPC, inside the cave on the third floor

Bug: Stuck in the Air - Boss Battle Molich Map:Gateway of the great King

-detailed description of what happened:
The Boss Punch me to the cliff(left), and i fell a little high, i cant move from that postion, and only can jump up

-when and where it happened:
Boss Battle Molich Mission Goraths Concern.

-steps on how to reenact the bug:
Position near to the clifff ( left zone of the battle map), let the boss punch you.

-screenshot (screenshots help us a lot so please attach screenshots if you can)

This happened twice already. Near the mine cave :neutral_face:

Stuck on the Entrance there are no Arrow sign :slight_smile:

this all quest in map Kvailas Forest Boss have only lv 1

learning attributes enchant fire skill detail mistranslation


I would like to report a failed to load script.

this is a part of the quest when going to crystal mines.

[external link]:

Miner’s Village Mayor Script:

P.S. IDK if the { ’ } is really after { s } in the { Miners’ } you can also see it in the picture.

Vaidotas Script:

Crystal Mines Floor 2:

The boss stands, does not attack, does not fight back.

character start to “fly” and the enemy stop attack


Was on Ramstis map, doing the Remove the Seal on the Left Collapsed Sanctum.

I entered the instance, killed the mobs, everything ok. Then the game lagged. I used my xp cards to lv up and restore HP, the number of scrolls were going down, but the xp never came. After over 8 minutes stuck, i quitted then reloged. My XP cards were gone and didnt get the xp. I used 15 cards.

I don’t know why but I can’t create topics in this forum so I’m posting it here.

In Tenet Chapel 1F one of my teammates opened the gate for the shortcut to the garden when I wasn’t there yet. When I arrived, the gate was closed with my objective still being “Open the Gate” and I could access the shortcut but not the other way round (from garden to chapel). Other thing is that I can’t open the gate, even after channeling “Openning the gate”. I first thought it was due to lags so I changed channel, nothing still and then shut down the game just to try again after and I didn’t work.

I cant advance to Ranger Circle 2. Theres is a bug when i am trying to complete the 3rd Book. I cant submit the quest even though i have collected the required item

I found some errors so far
I am Brazilian and I’m using google translator .
I apologize if see errors

There are several bugs in the speeches of NPCs Ex: