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;(((((((((( send me a key friends ^^

I would also like a key… :smiley:
However i read and know the testing is limited, but any updates on the next phase of beta testing to begin with possible expansion for beta keys?


Wainting for a key -

send me key pls pls:sorriso largo:

Please send me key :sorriso largo:

this means that we are going to know when is going to start? :smiley:

First of all it was all planned out, but then steam community destroyed their plans because they cant see the diffrence between EXCLUSIVE ACCESS and OPEN BETA, these are not the same.

I wanted this game can you guys send me a Key too?..
i would love to play this game with my friends

Good evening, I’m tired of trying to play tree of savior and simply impossible
The lag this too, I play WOW, D3 and many other games without lag with the same internet.
But tree of savior not, and what I need to play?
It is very serious that, I paid tuition if you need to have a good server
Now continue this way of not closes the server just once,
Do not keep it open to get annoying players.
Those who can play station paying tuition programs as noping
I’d rather pay something to the company that created the game.
Resolve or will lose all that has been invested so far to create, develop your beloved tree of savior.
Again and simply solve the problem.
What is missing?
The players are here to help !!