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About some Game Balance, and the new update

First, the new update, Joint Strike Raid Cube contents is svcks,

stronger become strongest, and their alwayz selfish, they strong enough , and they will not help other player, im the new savior from Telsiai, i just join this game 4 month ago, how can we fight with them ??

  • [Joint Strike Raid Cube] will be given to the 1st to 10th rank of Joint Strike Raid. (max. 10 party)
    can we make it random ? all reward give to the strongest , how we new savior survive in this game lol?

They old player’s silver and item is enough they no need more and more , dont focus on them, is time to make the other player follow up the steps please ,

the top 10 ranking im sure they already have fix team, and other player wont to get in the rank.

Second, is that all division singularity map only plat armor mob?

why all stage 5 only need wizard/healer/and one corsair ? my class is scout, and i find ds party very hard , even my friend have a Karaliene Pyktis set also same, just click in the party, they straight kick us out, and said only need wiz or flag,

can you guyz fix the balance ? wiz is too strong enough, nerf it please , do some magic resist to ds mob, or you can change your name become Tree of Wizard.


While i agree that wizz is so strong and sometimes too strong, no one want a nerf on their class, better buff others

wiz is whale class next to bbswordie, and after ranger mergen patch probably some of em will shift to archer
and if its played by whales, they dont wont to make em angry which make those meta pretty much untouchable
even the latest isgarinti nerf took so long to get implemented here, leaving sorc op for weeks

if you want to enjoy nerf and neglection play cleric
gevura was planned to be awesome, and before its even live to ktos its nerfed already, furthermore its getting nerf again now, with ein sof buff to chill the f its player
discerning evil, what makes pardoner is worth in battlefield nerfed
deploy capella soon nerfed
cleric aa build cant never shine like SR aa
krivis, sadhu, zealot still neglected.they never even have specialized weapon probably because they dont know what they should do to fix them in the first place


The bad thing about MMORPG that you cannot compete with those whalers and people who have been playing this game since ancient times XD.

Also let me straighten the facts.

DS (Dimension Singularity) is a heavily class-locked content (unless your chara is way too OP, can dish out 10M dmg per hit). The mobs there are elite mobs, means you will have to deal with purple debuff magic circle given by the mobs and it can punish you hard from being stunned/frozen/silenced/etc. People often asked for Wizard (usually Pyro Ele build) because Ele has Hail skill which it can freeze enemies and stop them from doing anything to your party. Corsair (in this term, Flagbot) is needed for buffs and Shrink Body skill which it is useful to decrease enemies PAtk and MAtk.

A friendly reminder that current patch forces you to have a fixed party member, who can accompany your characters on all contents (unique raid, legend raid, CM, DS) because almost all of people already been doing that (except for CM content, which you are okay if one of the party can carry).

As for the Joint Strike Raid Cube, it already has been like that before this update. The Field Boss is being monopolized by those top guilds already, and they are getting those Goddess Grace silvers.

Welcome to Tree of Savior !

Playing ToS casually seems to be the much better approach to me. Just ignore all the new content that’s way too hard until new new content comes and the new old content is made easy. Then you still get to enjoy all the features, just 2 years later. In exchange, you actually have fun playing.

Trying to catch up with top tier players is just a hopeless effort and not worth the stress.

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Join a big guild. :stuck_out_tongue:

true. so true.
this mindset will abolish the true purpose of the game which is having fun and turn it into something that feels like sickening chores.
just play your pace, keep selling, save your silvers, and chill the f out and let the market overflows with rotten sh*ts that getting cheaper and cheaper

some ppl wasted 400m for convict vv, i bought it at 100m
some ppl wasted silver on 10m magic stone i bought it at 800k
some ppl wasted 90m for bracelet recipe i bought it for 700k
some ppl wasted 200m for first strike set, i complete it for less than 60m
and so on

like me you probably have ever in situation where you invest in something, the price of something you invested depreciated so quick, it cant be avoided unless they decided to turn that something into important items, reducing the stock and increases needs like how bg rise again, or by buffing it like what happened to vv trinket.
its not like we bought secondhand cars where its value depreciated and its use counts become lessen, no, its just virtual item where everything is the same
there just shinier cooler car, for you to want, sometime not necessarily need
but the whole point is you can still drive with it
some party may reject you due to your difference in investment
some other just dont care especially when you play roles or build where overly high investment is not necessarily needed


If you actually play smart, you will do it this way. New stuff released? Wait it out til it plateaus in price and buy at the right time. It’s always like this anyway

Just like everything else it has its downside: you fall in line with many others thinking the same. You need to watch the market everyday, and strike at the right moment: keeping in mind to also have enough silver ready all the time

And of course, the wait. Some people don’t lik waiting. Play at your pace, others always rush end Game gear. If you compare yourself to them you I’ll end up frustrated

The cube is the same as the old World Boss/new World Boss Raid cube. You’ll only get Ominous crap from it anyway. Don’t bother with it. On Fedi I checked yesterday and only 14 parties got ranked, which means others either didn’t make the 100 million cutoff or didn’t participate.