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About Healer classes

Some game modes are not really fair for the class, totally discouraging the creation of it and making it rare, since by the logical form of the class, it is necessary to play in a group to make “SOLO” content as it has no damage and this is normal, but from the moment that in addition to the standard difficulties of the class, the game still gives you disadvantages, there is something wrong.
The game is currently entirely geared towards DPS and I know that there are ways to measure the Heal done during the game/group/game mode.

In CM it is an example: Why do we, Healers, receive less money because of the damage caused, but that we are the ones who make it easy for everyone and really help to do it? I know we help, and we’re not all the difference, but it doesn’t make sense to base all the reward on something we don’t have: DAMAGE.

Speaking to some people on Discord, I was told me that system as made to avoid Bots with partys full of Healer, but what is the point from the moment that we have no damage and the game content has a time limit to be made? Never would a group made up of Healers be able to make a CM based on our damage and the game mode time.

Please make the game mode fair, since at this point in the game and in that specific game mode, a damage rank is not necessary as everyone is strong for such content.

Please consider not taking the reward based on the damage and make it fair, having a healing rank made or “contribution” rank. Or take it out for good and give everyone the same reward.

Hello @daniel_mendes,

We will take this as a feedback from you and forward to the development team for them to review and see what changes can be done in the future. Thank you.

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Thank you so much. As a new player, this discouraged me too much. I created the character without any advice, because it is a class that I like and I know the difficulties of doing things alone, but the game also gives me disadvantages and I found it unfair, as it is practically like saying “don’t do this class, because even to farm money you will not be rewarded and we are making this harder for you”. Well, hope something changes and really thank you so much for the time and for listening to me. :slight_smile:

It’s not only the healers that suffer, a lot of classes are just bad the way they are designed since their gameplay was designed before the developers decided that every content is about killing boss monsters and having them run around with high crit resistance and high defense values on top of wipe mechanics and high attack values.

To generalize the concern, the following steps should be addressed:

  1. give every class at least access to one skill with a high skill factor ratio, the less skills the class has,the higher the factor should be. Classes like Pardoner or Squire or Alchemist for example should have skill factor of 10.000% to 20.000% before attributes & arts applied as they only feature one or two attack skills, and none would use these classes actively if they cannot pull their own weight.

  2. move all minimum crit rate buffs and final damage buffs to the base tree class (Archer/Swordsman/Scout/Wizard/Cleric). It is the greatest threat to achieving balance to have these buffs on any other class, because they become essential to a damage dealer build as IMC cracked down on defense reduction debuffs and defense ignore effects.
    Real balancing can only begin after removing the monopoly on these final damage buffs (minimum crit rate also increases the final damage because of the high critical resistance of high level monsters), allowing the player to skip these classes classes currently monopolizing minimum crit rate and final damage boosts if they wish to without losing 50% of their damage.

  3. make defensive classes more available in the game. Currently defensive classes are a joke because wipe mechanics and the high disadvantage of wearing a shield over using a two handed weapon, coupled with bad defensive capabilities (e.g. locking you in one place so you have to tank mechanics thrown at you rather than giving the option to evade) and low skill factor ratios on some skills without certain equipment makes the defensive classes have no identity at all.
    It’s even worse given that buffs like Aspersion,Increase Magic Defense,Revive,Foretell,Shield Charger,Bear,Finestra,Magic Shield,Swell Body,etc. are on other classes, lowering the value of defensive classes to a minimum.

I’m not saying that defensive classes should become essential to parties, but they should make a more noticeable difference,and they should not die as easily as they do right now.
The Cassis Crista art is a good example where blue classes should head, stopping the user from getting incapacitated when they receive huge amounts of damage at once, so defensive classes can tank wipe mechanics in return for their low mobility, and they should all provide some attribute/art that allows them to have the same damage whether they use one hand + shield or two hand weapons (for example by converting 33% of the shields defense value into attack, thus reducing the shields defense by 33% and increasing your attack by the value lost) so the build doesn’t go into the trash bin if it’s not a full support one but actually using damage dealer classes.

In return, having less damage because of the lack of damage skills and damage buffs then will make a good exchange and allows the defensive classes to help players play the way they want, either high risk and high yield or lower risk and lower yield, but still capable for solo content and more useful for party play.

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I played healer since 2016 and I have to admit, Healers are in a far better spot to solo nowadays than they were but it’s sad how you have to invest on a healer to be top tier and not be able to play well solo. DPS with the same kind of investment could do pretty much everything alone instead and you set yourself behind others in your solo experience doing so. For example, my current record on Tel Harsha stage 7 is 11:50 minutes while a character with the same investment as me would probably do it in less than 5 minutes. There is a reason why there is so much healers nowadays doing cm since they are pretty cheap and you can slap a oracle with arcane energy 15 to spam heal on cms and do cap damage. I just wish there were more options for healers to deal damage or damage that scales of healing for solo/pve content or that we could hibrid heals with damage in general purpose. a hibrid DPS/healer would be cool and don’t tell me Crusader can be it because its a meme at this point.

I wish I was able to build something like that, but the game is unfavorable towards support and defensive classes and most builds rely solely on two or three classes to boost their damage to astronomical numbers.
Inquisitor and Zealot are such examples where everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong, making them essential, just like for example Crusader or Exorcist when looking at the magic Cleric side.
Good supports are more and more left aside because everyone has to focus on solo performance for weekly boss rush, tell harsha and solo legend raids,making mixed builds a detriment rather than a boon. Ragnarok online compensated for that a bit by introducing 3rd jobs that cover the classes weaknesses, but in TOS you’re supposed to compensate for them by choosing different classes focused on different things.
Sadly, they do not provide the variability you’d wish to have since the Cool down times are too high for most build options to run a single damage dealer build, and the offensive buffs are too widespread in many cases.
Swordsman tree even lacks any support options, they only have Peltasta for drawing aggro/tanking and Retiarius for crowd control. No party buffs, no recovery skills, no decent debuffs. There is Templar, but it’s very limited by its design and the horse disables most skill options.

The reason why TOS fails is because they threw party support under the bus with a low party limit of 5 (Ragnarok online has 20 people party limit with only 20 jobs in total up to date, so you can do all instanced stuffs with at least 20 people and bring every job in the game if you wish to do so) and too much focus on solo content. Channels can only host 100 people, and all content is now instanced, just like in Phantasy Star Online, but at least that game is balanced towards it.

I think automatching is the right way to go, getting away from solo content, now we need a higher party limit for raids (at least 10 people so exotic builds won’t hurt the runs) outside of that so people are more free to do what they want, and some sort of compensation buffs when doing weekly boss raid to allow everyone to reach all the weekly milestones of 20 billion damage within 7 runs.

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I agree with the point of all of you, but I believe that this would require a balance in the game in general and that should be a little far from our reality at the moment. Making the “heal” category a little less unfair, not because of balance in game but because of the basics as the game literally disadvantages you, would be a big step forward for you to at least try to make one. Since today, unfortunately, I can’t even farm “fairly” because even doing what my class proposes (and being difficult), I am still disadvantaged by the game itself and not by the class dificulties.

The problem is that the only thing IMC does know is how to make it more difficult for everyone.
Every single anti-bot measure made people suffer heavily as a consequence ever since the beginning of the game, setting limits for personal trading and the use of the auction house, followed by silver drop changes from content till its complete removal, they also nerfed Thaumaturge and Corsair so they cannot generate additional silver, removed silver drops in the fields and hunting grounds entirely, limited the number of CMs and Division Singularity a lot and made the 440 gear and goddess grace huge silver sinks to drain away all botted silver of 4 years.

Of course,the only people suffering are the legitimate players, bots always find a way around this and will continue to thrive every once in a while when there are enough potential buyers for RMT silver/equipment.

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Well, another bot paradise.

So is it better to harm a lot of people and leave it at that? I’m talking about game content that give money, farm, XP (dungeons). Not about pvp and etc.