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About Gear Exchange in REbuild


I currently play on the server Silute, and there is a very strong rumor that to change the weapon in RE-Build, it is necessary that the weapon has level +11 overupgrade, and with a minimum transcendence of +5. I have not found this information anywhere, and I come here in search of the truth, so that I can prepare to change my weapon. I would also like to know if Raid Masinios’ weapons (all of them) fit the exchange profile, since the weapons exchange topic says “Raid Weapons” but does not specify which Raid weapons will be chosen to be traded.
Another thing that i need to ask is about weapons bought on market before REbuild COmes, i got a Masinio Pike from market, when REbuild comes, i will be able to trade it?
Thank you.

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That requirement is only the case for primuses, does not impact set pieces from my understanding.


So for example i got a masinios +15 no trans, i do not need to put it transcedence +5? And Masinios weapons would be able to exchange?


My recommendation would be to wait for the official patch notes but have enough blessed shards to do so just in case.

You should not have to transcend a Masi as it’s a “set” piece so to speak, but it’d be best to wait for some kind of real notification first.

They could also change the events from ktos to itos, so it really is up in the air anyway.


Yes…Thanks anyway :tired:



It only needs +5 trans 5 for unique “randomized” weapon which is primus,
Just wait for the english translation.


Thanks i got a Masinios +15 trans +5 anyway. I was just curious about this rumor.


You’re welcome. /20 characters


Oh weird,
what’s the deal with people trying to sell/trade T5 and enchanted Asio/Wastrel weapons…


they only understand half of the info. Dont buy it. You must craft/obtain it yourself


This is why i need a gm here explaning…but they dont care…


What? Why?



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Please answer us, we are confused about weapon change .


Available once per item (if the item’s ownership is transferred via 1:1 trading or the Market, however, it can no longer be exchanged).


But this is for weapons after REbuild .


wanna test it by buying one pre rebuild and trade it at rebuild? better safe than sorry

beside, any change happen during rebuild (trade,enhance,transcend,socket,awaken) render it untradable, see, that already include trading, which doesnt need one special paragraph if it is trading after rebuild


Makes no sense look, i got a Masinio Pike from market and i never imagine rebuild will come, now it will reset my class and i will not be allowed to trade my weapon just becouse i bought it from market? its not make sense… I think this you said only apply for weapons bought on market after rebuild comes


let the time prove, okay? be patient


this is why i opened this post, becouse i dont want to be pranked by this. But Gms do not answer…im tired :tired:


The answer has already been public for quite some time, there are multiple videos online of Ktos players showing tips and tricks regarding the swap event.

The “items cant be bought or traded etc” thing is for AFTER re: build, not before, thats not heresay just common sense.

I cant speak for silute but on Klaipedia there are many knowledgable players who frequent ktos such as Starkisch who has multiple videos up of shield swap on ktos to maximize transcending for lowest overall cost to swap for weapons.

Buy, trade etc whatever you want now in the next week to maximize your swapping after event goes live, b/c when it launches, then you cant buy something and turn around and swap it.