About Gear Exchange in REbuild


God Bless you thanks. Silute make its rumors a true nightmare.


Np, im fortunate to play in a guild with very smart people so I cant take the credit.

We simply ask them b/c they play Ktos, moderate the forums and reddit etc. My guild are all stockpiling velcoffer shields to transcend for super cheap to swap for weapons, and are stocking up on cheaply crafted asio and wastrel weapons to swap and ichor afterwards.


pretty sure that ‘tag’ will be added to gear when re:build goes live.
they dont track all gear stats/trade like that right now

edit: didnt saw the post above. Thanks @Battle_Forged


we dont moderate forums nor are all of us stocking up shields :heeey:


The GMs and Devs are obligated to not comment on content that hasn’t been released. If they say something and it turns out to be not true in the official release that is a huge problem.


Got it, Thanks. …
I change the OP title so it will be just a normal post without a need of GM answer.



I read this as
[1] - Unique grade weapons need to be +5/5 to exchange, and can only be traded for weapons of their same type (masi-masi, asio-asio)

[2] - All Legend grade weapons of any upgrade level are exchangeable, you get the Ichor back, and you get the Set Bonus back as well.


I believe only random stat weapons need +5 t5


If i trade a 2h spear with rng stats to a 2h mace will i keep the stats?


According this image, you don’t need trans 5/anvil 5 for asio/wastrel:


if i read it accurately, asio/wastrel/masinios can be exchange even if +0. primus weapons can be exchange if +5 enchant or +5 transcendence.


Yes now its clear for everyone. Pretty good huh?


looks like it was changed from “+5 or trans 5” to “+5 AND trans 5”,


yeah I was checking yesterday for double check and it was still “OR” and now its “AND” smh.


yeah i saw this typo as well … made also no sense . i mean + 5 is nothing and will be abused like hell while trans 5 is some kind of money .
But yeah the type was there

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