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About Character Slots System

Hey, I want to bring into the matters about, mainly for new players or the returning players who did not get the free character slot voucher from events, how many characters i can create in my account.
Initially, everyone who is new or played the game in 2016, starts the game with 4 slots, depending on the events, 5-7. But, people like me that want to have 1 character of each class, can’t make it, because there is 5 classes and 4 slots initially, and some of the bests classes today includes Schwarzer Reiter from scout, falconer from archer and hackapell/cataphract/lancer, that needs a pet. Pets occupy 1 slot, that’s too hard for those who want 1 of each class, essentially those who wants to create 1 Schwarzer reiter, 1 cataphract and 1 falconer, that’s far impossible with the system.
I have friends that would pay for pets and costumes for each characters they have with cash…
For me, i can’t spent money on games, i can’t buy slots everytime I want a new class, neither 2 slots if this class requires 1 pet.
My suggestions is to make the lodge larger and pets won’t occupy any slot, or give everyone the maximum slots and the pets occupy 1 slot. Everyone that don’t like this system, please help make this ugly post to get IMC’s attention, even those who participated the events try to understand whats was like before the events and what is now after the events, how good it was. I don’t feel like i’m free to use my creativity, i don’t feel free to do what I want. I came to mmorpgs from D&D, where every adventure I was a new person.
Think About It, i know many people who agrees with me, for these people, help IMC make this wonderful game better.

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Just share your pet/mount with every rider character you have … although I read some time ago about IMC making pet slot free? … not official more on random replies from ktos players?

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Like I said, some would pay for costumes on every character. I know people that spend every month on this content but not in a new slot. There’s no point on sayin “You do not play 4 in same time”, sometimes I want to play in wiz and other sworsman. And like I said, i can’t pay everytime I want for a simple slot, i have my difficulties, i’m not rich, and it’s worse because I live in Brazil. So, think about it, no one is like you that can spend money everytime they want. Costumes, skins and etc is the most popular way for companys to make money. What you’ve said isn’t in my reality. I do support the game bringing my friends, who already have paid for things in this game.

Falcon on faconer can be ride with Schwarzer Reiter?

Nothing about that yet.

And i think they wrote they will “do something” but didnt explicit say it’s will be ‘pet dont use slots’.
(not sure right now)


I agree, so far I do not understand the reason, I understand more things that can be focused on one account, besides every time I soon press the Pet, because a PET occupies the same space as CHAR, your comment was very well placed, the game is growing, so this type of tip / improvement will only increase the quality of the game.


as someone who had difficulties you seems have time to watch anime (based on your profile name), play game and no time to work earn money…

My only advice: dont be greedy having all char available, the more char you have the more exhausting it is everytime new episode introduced (leveling them one by one to 450, gearing them so they will do decent, both are exhausting)

You can ride with the falcon with the skill Hanging shot but I dunno if you can while being mounted with SR … XDD must be nice if you can …

having a few character slots is kind of an annoying thing, specially when you consider the stupid amount of class variety and possibilities on the game, still, I don’t mind to pay for a slot or two to allow me to have more choices on the characters I play

but what really annoy me the most is pets and such utilizing those slots, that’s bull
there is no reason to have that stupid rule, it makes me mad that i have to pay extra for an essential part of some classes, and as anyone who knows something about business and economy would tell you, a player/customer should never feel mad about buying something from you, quite the opposite, a customer should always enjoys spending money on your product.

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Char slot is 30 TP. The price of a 6x Coca Cola can pack. Imagine that some people playing the game spend hundreds of TP monthly for costumes and such…

Otherwise you can also play on two servers simultaneously. This gives you 8 slots for characters and pets instead of 4.

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then play the game and waiting for the event? you are what, playing like 20h and compare to those who spend their time with TOS like their 2nd home?

Then create multiple account, each account you can store as many pet as you can. Multiple account is free right?

You are wasted your time to game, should do something bigger, like create you own brand.

I’m a casual player and bleach was the last anime I saw besides One Piece. What makes me sad is people talking about time, I have my time to play, to work and to watch animes, i don’t want to be top 1 player, I want to play with things and do not delete them with the time I lost, look closely on what I’m sayin I think taking my position, not your or neither from anyone that desagrees with me, think like you’re like me, WHEN I have time to do thing, I want to do many things as I want like in ragnarok back in 2004-2005, with all the problems they had, you could play as you want, and 10-12 character slots.

When I come home from work I want to play, please refer to my last response. And Games is whats makes me happy from a day of hard work, I have to read every day for ours to make my job done. The payments here are strongly unsastifatory, all I do is to escape my reality which I have no freedom to do what I want.

Like I said, read what I wrote, this is nonsense. First you don’t know if i drink coca or not, i have my priorities, like milk for kids or, rice and beans, for the entire family. What you said is nonsense.

I have, 2000h in 1 account since 2016, and like 1000h since early on 2018. You guys please stop guessing nonsense about my life and put yours in the reality that I said.

And for those who are talking about creating a new account is whats makes me sad, have to create a new account everytime want to play something new? How stressing this can be? There are contents thats shared between accounts, like maps and many things, do this every time? Wtf

okay then, which one come first, you quit the game first or dev make pet doesnt take slot first?
Time will tell!

That’s why I’m making this post. Hope everyone who asked me to do this come and coment till it reaches the devs. But yeah, many things makes me lose the love i have for the game, pet system is just the minor one.

Sorry, I didn’t saw your response, I do agree with you. I saw somewhere that the maximum slot is 30, someone spent money to buy as many as he/she could, and couldn’t buy above 30. Initially we have 4 slots, excluding events that I don’t see anymore. As I said, I don’t have money free to spend everytime I want, if they give us 10 slots it would be the best, and if I want to reach 30 slots I spend money, if not, 10 is mostly the best. And of course, without pets using slots.

Start saving now and just buy character slots … that would be for the best … this issue about pet cosuming character slots has been around since the server came out ( not the closed beta ) …