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A way to control anvil's RNG


The way anvil system right now is too unfair for unlucky people. So taking what is good from system right now, i propose Anvil Shattered Shard (ASS) to increase your Anvil RNG

  • anvil UI should show the probability of success similar to transcend, and there is a slot to put ASS
  • ASS only obtainable 1 shard upon finishing any quest (excluding merc quest), this way every powerseeker/whale will be forced to spread to most map questing
  • ASS is character bound and not teamstoragable
  • 10 ASS = +1% chance of anvil for orange equip, +0.5% for legend equip
  • ASS only usable for CRAFTED (no berthas no primus)/legend equipment with refinement below +16, and that equipment will become unsellable but still teamstoragable
  • to prevent saltiness, any ASS-ed Equipment will be shown as their vanilla status when peeped by other person, but they can still glowing


this idea is pretty ass



My Kingdom for an ASS!!!


will be more whale item there, I think every player have a present from IMC 1 Ridiculous Anvil will get any kind of armor or weapon success +21 with left only 1 potential and all socket open and Untradable or Tradable :smiley: we will see tons of new player (I will create 3 account at last for that :slight_smile: )


Just yolo.