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A suggestion for the Developers

I’ve been playing ToS since the Early Access packages were available for purchase. In my time of playing, I’ve noticed server performance degredation (where the servers perform worse over periods of time, such as: freezing, crashing, stuttering and increased latency/poor tick rates) and overall a lack of global servers.


It appears that ToS already hosts AWS servers. I do hope that it receives enough popularity to justify hosting a server in Sydney, for us Australian players <3

Thank you, IMC Games, for your dedication and commitment to this game, and its continued content and support!

They are already using AWS servers :thinking:

  1. It’s already hosted by AWS.
  2. More servers means fewer players, and we already barely have any as is with around 1500 players divided across 4 regions. This isn’t a streaming service that can be handled locally by CDNs like Youtube or Twitch either, which is basically what you’re suggesting. CDNs are great for caching static content, such as a game’s download files. They’re terrible for interactive, multi-user, real-time applications such as a video game server.
  3. The SEA servers are based on Singapore. If you’re getting a 5ms RTT to Singapore from Australia I suggest contacting your local university as fast as possible, as it seems you have discovered a method for superluminal communication.
  4. The vast majority (if not all) of the technical issues plaguing this game are on the software side. A video game server isn’t just the physical machine running it or hosting its database, but also the server software itself. This server was developed in-house, similar to Ragnarok Online’s server back when Hakkyu Kim worked for Gravity Co. Both were terribly optimized. I’m not saying writing server applications is easy, it’s not. But this game’s server software (and the client software as well, while we’re at it) is particularly bad. It’s being optimized over time but it’s hard to tell when (or if) it will ever reach a satisfactory stage. It’s certainly a lot better than two or three years ago.

Thank you for the clarification <3 I couldn’t find mention of ToS using AWS but I’m glad it does, I guess.

I’m getting 360ms ping to the SEA servers, which is why I was hoping us Australians could get a Sydney server, since I know that Ubisoft has 120 relay servers providing tons of local server connections globally. I don’t actually know how AWS is structured, only that it provides scalability via Advanced Ethernet Networking.

I’m hoping that ToS receives enough popularity to fund more expansion ^-^